[Video] The iPhone Photoshoot, UK Style

Well, it seems that a good idea is worth stealing, in this case it's the iPhone photoshoot that Fstopper's own Lee Morris did well over a year ago with a 3Gs. Well, Cris Matthews of VideoJunkie in the UK has done his own take using an iPhone4 and an LED video ring light. Cant wait to see some more copy cats do this with the new iPhone4s, being that it's camera is now so much better. Enjoy!

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What does he use to put his photos live on the iPad from the dslr?

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think they've covered this here before

Corey is becoming notorious for double posting :)

Lee, your music and comedy (olympus) was much better.

not to mention the lack of a ditsy VJ

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I thought it seemed familiar.

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Of course other better phones with better cameras are available :)

Ummmm, I think you'll find I shot this over a year ago too. Don't really see myself as stealing anything or being a copycat. Quite clearly reference Lee's video in mine, and you posted this at the time too. So I can't use anything as inspiration without being a thief ???

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no harm done Cris, apparently we have writers who don't read our website....loved the video the first time :)

Thanks Patrick :)

Hmm, DejaVu

i think this subject is well known among photographers..any decent camera given enough light can take smashing photos..so there's noting new here..

I think you're right with any 'decent' camera.  I think it's great that you can get a decent camera into a phone!!  And then get shots like this from a phone... Great video!

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Corey, It's not being a copy cat or stealing, it's called inspiration, Lee and Patrick inspired others to do photo shoots in a similar way.
But Corey, I'm sure all your ideas are all original and you have had no influence from other sources. *Hint they're not*

At least when Lee posted this same video before he didn't go calling them a copy cat and say they stole their idea.

They may have borrowed the concept but you know what, it was a detailed, well explained BTS video and shows you don't need a lot of model lights but just a couple of simple light sources. I enjoyed it.

Well I'm sold. Who needs powerful computers, 1DXs, and editing software when you have a phone and an ipad with professional editing software? 

Industry, consider yourself changed... 

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Right :)))))

I don't think it's fair to call him a copycat. He makes a reference of Lee's video.

The Video was great, the text was s..t!
Sorry but this copycat thing is not fair. 
FStoppers is not the founder of shooting with the iPhone and i don't like posts like this. 

lg Calvin

I think it's the terms like "worth stealing" or "can't wait for more copycats" that are bugging people. The first words out of Chris' mouth are a reference to Lee's video so harsh vibes like "stealing" and "copycats" are pretty sour and undeserving.  Great job Chris.  I watched this the first time around and again just now.  Enjoyed it both times :).

i sooo bored by all these videos with iphone....

Thanks guys. We certainly had fun making it, but it really makes me cringe when I watch it back. My life should certainly be spent behind the camera! I think Lee went on to make a video about shooting direct to the iPad like we were doing in this video, I'm sure it's still on stoppers somewhere so go check that out too.