'The Air Traffic' Is A Timelapse Video Of Airplanes Whizzing Across The Sky

I've always been fascinated with airplanes, the miracle of flight on display right above our heads never gets old. Photographer Milton Tan created this timelapse video titled 'The Air Traffic' that shows airplanes whizzing around the air. Sped up, it creates a great effect that looks almost extra terrestrial. 

It starts off rather slow but stick around as it gets interesting toward the middle and end.

This video was shot over a period of 6 months. He was inspired to do this project accidentally. While shooting a timelapse of a thunderstorm, he noticed light move across the frame. He then realized that it would be great to do a timelapse with airplanes!

Milton writes,

Some of my favorite shots were captured when I got really close to the airport's runway where airplanes take off and land. That was where I managed to capture some pretty huge streaks of light as the airplanes got really close to ground level and ready to land.

The streaks of light are long exposures of the airplanes flying, about 8-15 seconds. Most of it was shot at Changi Beach in Singapore.

[Via Fstoppers' Facebook Group]

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I liked the segment about 2 minutes in. "Warp speed, Mr. Sulu"; "Aye Aye Captain."

Pretty cool, would love to have seen it more under-exposed...