This Hyper-lapse is a must see

Check out this seriously impressive hyper-lapse video from Berlin. It had seemed that timelapse videos hit kind of a flat point for a while until the world was introduced to "Hyper-lapse." He shot this with a Nikon D7000 and then spent 4 months in post to stabilize the sequences manually frame by frame (AE motion tracker) to get the smooth motion. This inspiring video will leave you in awe.

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i love it!

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Its great but 4 months of post-damn!!! it would be so much easier to use a steadicam during shooting to get a very similar result.

no it wouldn't

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Ugh.. *facepalm*.

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Think about what you said.

Oops perhaps?

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I understand how much work it took and how hard is to achieve such an effect but visually I don't see anything breath taking... I am sorry to say that but really... The content is what matters not the process. 

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I actually have to agree with Roman on this. It seemed like a video made to demonstrate a technique, rather than using a technique to tell a story. Neat, to be sure, but I personally wasn't left in awe. More like "hey, that's kinda cool."

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yes this is honestly true..Although I am pracicing this for many years now,  I finally had to demonstrate my work in a greater extend..I didn´t promote my work very much..more videos will follow..and of course some with nice stories. ( I studied arts, not photography) ;-)


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Ended up looking like some odd Computer generated pre roll 

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got more headache than pleasure. head spinning.

What is the difference between Hyper-lapse nd time lapse?  They seem the same to me.  I have seen timelapse taking on a dolly and moved 2 or 3 dimensions so what is the difference? 

It's HyperLapse because it has used 3 timelines of exposures (with different image sizes) and combine them all to reach the final movie and get zoom in and zoon out effects. 

I understand the variation of name but then HDR TimeLapses could be called HyperLapses... altough this one gives a lot more work...

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it left me pretty dizzy as well.

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