2,400 Artists Come Together To Create a Feature-Length CGI Masterpiece

A VFX artist has produced a beautiful feature-length film that compiles the work of 2,400 artists around the world.

Clinton Jones, a VFX artist and ex-member of Corridor Digital, challenged his online community to create a short digital render using a very simple prompt. Clinton provided the community with a bare-bones animation that he made, featuring a person walking from left to right, whilst leaning forward. The challenge, dubbed the Alternative Realities Community Render Challenge, was for artists to create their own visual interpretation of this animation. They were free to use whatever colors, themes, or emotions they wanted.

With some impressive prizes on the line, including a performance capture suit from Rokoko, artists flooded Clinton with entries. Over 2,400 submissions were made, with some being disqualified for having a wrong frame rate or corrupt codec. The successful entries were put into a compilation video, totaling almost three hours in length. The final result is an incredibly beautiful feature-length film that celebrates creativity and artistry from around the world. The animation is also a flawless loop, therefore each entry cuts together effortlessly.

The film comes as a sequel to Jones' first community challenge called Parallel Dimensions. In this predecessor series, Jones provided artists with a similar bare-bones animation featuring a character walking away from the camera. The results were certainly impressive, leading Clinton to create this new masterpiece. 

The winners were announced earlier this month by a team of judges, including Clinton Jones, Wren Weichman, Ian Hubert, and Peter France. While there were only five prize winners, Jones posted a video showing the Top 100 due to sheer the amount of impressive submissions.

Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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J.d. Davis's picture

nice for a drawing but has little to do with photography!

Tom Anderson's picture

So? Let me read you an excerpt from the about section...
"Fstoppers is an online community aimed at educating and inspiring photographers, videographers, and creative professionals."

J.d. Davis's picture

They are all the same - nice drawings but not at all different; where is the education in that, where is the inspiration in that, and where is the creativity in that?

Nearly 3 hours of left-to-right wanderings, a story without a storyline, action without a hero, it is endless repetition with emphasis on robots.

It is a rich enough exercise - but IMHO it misses the point of creativity.

Tom Anderson's picture

Fair enough then if it's not for you. I'm sure many will be inspired by the creative art in the video, which is why I'm happy to share it on Fstoppers :)

J.d. Davis's picture


Peter Gargiulo's picture

Brilliant idea, unbelievable executions! All so amazing. I'll eventually try and watch it all.

Tom Anderson's picture

I agree, it's wonderful idea! With this being his second challenge, I only imagine we'll see more to come :)
Thanks, Peter!

Daniel L Miller's picture

As a counterpoint to some of the ideas expressed so far…after 20+ years of client work I realized the most successful projects were the ones I was constrained by client-provided parameters. The relationships where the client said "just do what you want" were not as successful.

I think we apply more creativity when there are limitations. We dig deeper. I would have to work harder if the client provided a color palette to shoot to. Parameters give our projects context.

This video may not be a portfolio of the artists best work, it's just an exercise. But without the parameters it would have turned into a portfolio piece.