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Sit Back and Watch These Relaxing Photography Videos

Having a stressful week? Just want to gawk at gear? These videos will push your ASMR buttons and might actually be interesting.

Sometimes, I’m researching equipment for shoots and a video is so relaxing and easygoing that I start dozing off. Whenever that’s happened, I’ve been adding that video to a list. Hopefully, you learn something while relaxing.

I’ll preface this by mentioning that I experience serious ASMR, and that I’ve been watching relaxing videos to help me sleep since the iPod Video came out. If you don’t feel that, don’t worry. None of these videos are actually ASMR videos. They’re unintentionally relaxing.

Organizing Gear

I think this video is a nice introduction to this list — nothing you haven’t seen before, pure gear porn. Not too dissimilar to IKEA’s ASMR vibes, if you ask me.

Canon 1D Unboxing

This camera came out in 2009, around the same time this relaxing unboxing was uploaded, a bit before ASMR unboxings became such a thing. This is a pretty relaxing throwback.

Street Photography

Not feeling an unboxing? Maybe getting lost in 30 minutes of chill street photography will do the trick. I don’t really know the YouTuber, I’m just trusting the comments that say it’s relaxing.

How to Shoot an Event

Simon Cade has a pretty relaxing voice, and this particular video actually made me fall asleep once (in a good way!). Cade is also very informative, even if this video is from 2013.

Flange Focus Adjustment

Before Wooden Camera started putting music in their videos, they were putting me to sleep. Hopefully, photographers will enjoy seeing a process usually reserved for cinema work.

RED Scarlet-X Review

To me, this is even more relaxing because nobody’s talked about the Scarlet-X for years. It was part of RED’s original DSMC line, which has since been replaced by DSMC2 bodies.

Telecentric Lenses

You know when a 2 am History Channel documentary sends you to sleep? This might be the same speed, and you might learn about an alternative type of lens. These typically get used for industrial purposes, and tend to be C-mount.

Rycote’s Cyclone Windshield

I figure that most photographers don’t know much about protecting a microphone from wind, so hopefully, this is interesting. Often, a blimp is used, but Rycote also makes this fancy alternative.

Voigtlander Pancake Lens

A while back, I had a hankering for this lens. It’s a solid manual focus gem, and this store is trying to sell it with a short video. Their whole channel maintains this relaxing unboxing vibe.

Pathé Prosthetics

This 1962 video shows off the hard work that goes into fake beards needed for filming. While a lot of old cinema can be relaxing, this is also somewhat related to studio productions. Nowadays, the opposite is done with CGI.

Not every video will be relaxing to every person, I’m sure. Hopefully, a chilled voice, an insightfully dull tidbit, or a silent unboxing helped de-stress your day. Feel free to share more examples in the comments below.

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Alex Cooke's picture

Good to see another ASMR fanatic here!

Stephen Kampff's picture

Hard to beat! I'm sure plenty of photogs have experienced it watching boring Photoshop tutorials zzzzz

Jenny Rich's picture

Wow, photography ASMR! That's interesting. My usual ways of relaxation include rewatching smartshow 3d slideshows of my older works and drawing abstract waves by mouse. Thanks for expanding the list!