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Signs of Light

When comes the night, it's time to animate the sky with our lights. Signs of Light is part of our nomadic art and a way to create unique visuals based on very simple and accessible light-painting techniques. This is what we teach, this is what we play with, this is a way to express what we feel life is.

Stories, pictures and presskit available on http://signs-of-light.com

A short film by Kim Henry & Eric Paré

Light-painting is an art. And there is no rules. It brings endless creative possibilities, it gather people together, and for many, it becomes a way of living.

Editing: Eric Paré / Guillermo Castellanos

Additionnal video footage: Amr Tahtawi (Dubai), Mohammad Rustam Azmi (Dubai) and Guillermo Castellanos (Montréal).

Made with the help of Sean Gabriel McClelland, Bruce Getty, Alexis Darden, Spencer Pritchett, LJ Moore, Darren Pearson, Jordan Rose Steinert, Danny Garcia, hm.pix, Level 43 Sky Lounge, Guillermo Castellanos, Baber Afzal, Amr Tahtawi, Bassi Hamid, Munzir Khan, Moumita Moitra, Rustam Azmi, Haytham El-Bouseily and Prakash Kumar Singh

Many thanks to all of our friends who helped us along the way.

Music: Peter Cavallo

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