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ORION: The Hunter - 4K

Orion is next to some very famous constellations and deep-sky objects like the Pleiades, the Hyades (Taurus), Monoceros (and the Rosette Nebula), the milky way, Lepus (to the south) and Gemini. While most cameras cannot pick the H-alpha emissions (red glowing gasses), I used a camera capable of doing so because its CMOS sensor has been replaced by a filter that can allow a wider range of wavelengths in the reds. I also used a light pollution filter (Pure Night from Lonely Speck) to increase contrasts, as well as a tracker (Vixen Polarie) for the deep-sky scenes to increase sharpness and details. With this film (as well as some of my previous productions), I was eager to show that today’s technology allows us to show so much details and colors in the night sky.

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