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Drift Republic Kickstarter

November 7, 2014

A few years ago I found myself in need of a new pair of jeans, so I did the logical thing and went shopping. This did not end well, I was confronted with an overabundance of different styles, fits, and colors in a poorly organized space that did not showcase what the jeans actually looked like or how they fit. Unhappy with the status quo in retail shopping and the overpriced, low quality, poor-fit garments, I decided to make my own.
Three years in and we are ready to bring our jeans to you, we are super exicted to be doing this through Kickstater. Each pair of Drift jeans sold during our Kickstarter campaign will be numbered 1 through 1000, these jeans will represent the Original Drift run. Each pair of jeans will be sewn and hand signed by William or Gabe! These limited edition jeans will feature a custom colored pocket bag, fly lining and accent thread. This color will be determined by popular vote at the completion of our project by you, our backers.
We want, more than anything, to see this project through and provide you with an exceptional pair of jeans. By building a lasting company, we will be able to build and refine our mission for sustainable fashion. As we are able to demonstrate reliable demand to our suppliers, we will have a foundation from which to work with them on developing a sustainable, organic, selvedge denim. Our goal is to use 100% organic and sustainable materials in our jeans. We promise to do whatever it takes to make this possible!
Thank you for considering us and the Drift project; we can’t wait to be a part of your adventures!
Gabe & William
Filmed with
- Canon 7D
- Kessler, Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly
- Manfrotto Tripod

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