This Band Shot Their Entire Music Video in Reverse and in One Take, Vocalist Sang Backwards

A band have spent 4 months planning and preparing to shoot a music video for one of their new tracks. In an incredibly ambitious effort, the group decided to film the entire video backwards, with the lead singer taking the time to learn the song in reverse.

Rock/Americana artists Lake and Lyndale are the hardworking musicians behind the feat, shooting the visual for their new single “There’s a Weight.” The video opens with frontwoman Channing Marie covered in paint, before she starts singing the lyrics of the song. The movements, recorded in reverse, create a trippy visual effect. As Marie moves forward and the song progresses, the mess she’s covered in begins to fly off her. It becomes apparent that as the video was filmed, she was being covered in paint, water and confetti. In actuality, she was walking backwards, singing backwards, and being hit with  debris while she sang.

Videographer Ben Boutwell, of CreateWell LLC, developed the creative concept, which he has been trying to bring to fruition for several years. He recalls:

Another client of mine tried to do it, but he ended up not being able to learn the song backward, so we did something else. I was so excited to have Lake and Lyndale be so committed to this concept. It was a dream come true.

The clip is now live on the band’s YouTube channel as of Tuesday. Check out the interesting video to see the project in its entirety, with everything moving forward as normal. There’s also a behind-the-scenes video if you’re intrigued to see all the grueling hard work that went into completing the visual.

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Over 20 years ago Spike Jonze did the same thing for The Pharcyde... not in a single shot but its an amazing idea and very tricky to pull off ;)

Jesse Merz's picture

Came here to mention this, IMHO, much better music video.

Mark Dunsmuir's picture

Far far lower production value, but, I've always enjoyed Shad's backwards and then forwards video. Note the reference to Pharcyde at the end!

Rob Davis's picture

Drop is amazing.

If you want a two hour mind trip in reverse make sure you see Momento....Christopher Nolan before his big budget films.

Adriano Brigante's picture

At first, I was like "Cool, just like Jonze did with The Pharcyde!" Then I watched this new music video and I was like "Meh..."

Brian Carlson's picture

But did they play their instruments backwards?

Curtis Randall's picture


David Love's picture

Some times the gimmick is not enough to make it a good video.

Motti Bembaron's picture

Well done!

How did the singer get the timing of the vocals right?

Ricardo Consonni's picture

She didn't. The vocals were dubbed in post. She just moved her mouth in a backwards fashion. It looks like a lip-sync in the final result.