[BTS Video] Contest Entry: a bottle of cold water (product shot)

As more and more jobs pop up for product shooting here in NYC I find myself needing to seriously update my portfolio. Which must be why this latest contest entry from Rui Antunes caught my eye. It's a simple video, that lacks a bit in the way of entertainment value but makes up for it in educational value and a pretty decent final image. Good luck Rui. And remember folks, you only have about a week to get your contest entries in.

via [BehindtheScenesContest]
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Sean Shimmel's picture

Solid, diligent craftsmanship. 

Keep it up.

WOW! Thanks for share my simple video!

Looks like a popular bottle to photograph, Here's mine i did last year. http://www.daletravers.com//index.php?p=13
2 strip boxes, green back ground with a grid spot on it. 3 light set-up. Thanks for sharing

* What is the tripod for? You still have to align the two images so get a) a real tripod or b) use the selftimer/remote control. -_-
* The label is way to dark in the middle.
* Glycerin+ water is a mess. Try 15-20% Karo Syrup + water the next time. :)

Seems like a lot of this work could have been done in camera

hey dale wassup? when u coming back to texas to shoot some inline skating? Anyhow...I did the same thing a year ago with a bottle of heinz ketchup and a can of coke (damn reflections on tin I had to photoshop). It's a good tutorial but most of it is PS and I think he could've done it in half the time. but that's my opinion! you can check my 2 pics on www.oscarelliphoto.com - fine art section of my portfolio

Wow - cool!
Only one strobe and awesome final product!

Jens Marklund's picture

I'd be impressed if all was done in the shoot. Seems like 99,9% of all commercial work today is just made in photoshop.

Jens, I was thinking the exact same thing over the last month. The majority of the video's and pictures I see at this site (and others) lately have all been composites. It's craft on it's own, don't get me wrong, but for me, this is not photography anymore.
I've seen several pictures that could have been made with almost no post processing, let alone composing different images into 1. 
I don't want to brag, and I'm sure as hell not an expert in product photography, but all of my pics you can see here (http://www.focaldesign.be/v2/portfolio/showcase/producten/ ) are 1 shot and 1 shot only (of course with post processing afterwards, but no composition of several shots).

Nice work!

Jens Marklund's picture

It feels like the people that actually making the effort of doing a real shoot, and re-doing it until it's perfect - are the ones that get the least attention cause it's not impossible enough - and people will still think it's Photoshopped.

Photos such as the Dali one (http://markpowerblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/dali-atomicus_gr-1.jpg

), if someone did that today - it would be Photoshopped, if not - people would expect it to be.

Then again, most of the companies that hires professional photographers - usually have impossible demands as well as not wanting to pay for it to get done the right way. Which leads to the photographers just shooting some easy subjects and merging them in Photoshop, so they look the way their client wants them to. Feels like the only companies that let's the photographers do it the right way, and give them the budget to do it, needs to do a BTS to get cred and show that they actually make the effort.

Nothing wrong with that, I like those BTS videos more then the rest.

What is all this talk about the "right" way? I had no idea that photography was the only legitimate art form and that Photoshop was the imaging equivalent of steroids for athletes. When people bash Photoshop like this it reminds me of how painters used to bash photography.
As someone who tends to do more in camera and less in post, I think it's more informative to see someone do it the other way around. The real question is what balance between the two will yield the best results with a minimal budget.

I had a problem on my vimeo account. I'm going up the display again

I applaud your work Rui..Despite some of the above comments you achieved the final result which was spectacular. You worked with what you had and produced a flawless image.

I have no issue whether the completed shot was achieved in camera or ion the computer.  

What does drive me absolutely nuts however is that to me, the bottle looks ever so slightly tilted to the left.

Also, while I applaud the photographer for his submission, a voice over describing the steps being taken would have made it far more informative than the background music.

Looks good! Ignore the naysayers. Post production is just one of the powerful tools available to achieve your vision, and probably THE most powerful tool available to photogs. Sure, you could have tried to achieve it all in camera, but doing it in post was probably way more efficient and easier and probably more fun. I have a pretty good idea that you knew ahead of time what your final vision was and how you were going achieve it in post and shot accordingly. Well done and thanks!

Great final image but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE change the music. I stopped the vid 3/4 into it because it was driving me bonkers. Try classical music or something.

James Karinejad's picture

Nice end result.  

Samanta Holtz's picture

Wowwwwwwwwwww :))) Loved it!