[BTSV] Contest: Digital Light Sculpting with a Projector

"...One projector (the one I used was less than 200 bucks used) can replace many traditional strobes + modifiers for a fraction of the cost. Using this technique I can create more elaborate plates for composite images with less lighting gear... I guess the end goal for this technique would be a developing a projector that used a flashtube... thus creating the ultimate light modifier.”

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From Kenn:
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George M.'s picture

Nice! This is so freaking cool!

this is an amazing technique! thank you for sharing.

Matt Halic's picture

Thanks alot for sharing this awesome idea! :D

Creative thinking awesomeness....

awesome idea

Very cool idea !

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

hell yeah that is sick.

That is genius. Brilliant idea.

 Very very clever.   Now how else could yuou ue this technique?   or modify it?   hmm, I may have to find a second hand projecter...

That is very cool. I'm sure there are many more applications that this techinque can be applied to and even on a larger scale. This has a lot of ideas and potential uses for this. Since I haven't used projectors for lighting objects, is the light source enought to be shooting at ISO 100 and at a reasonably fast shutter to avoid any shake. I'm sure for still products, there's no issue with keeping the shutter open longer, but I rather know I have a lot of light to have as fast an exposure as possible as it would be wild to see what can be achieved with multiple projectors, moving subjects and high speed image captures.