[BTSV] Contest Entry: "Fearless" (short and sweet)

Entry for the Behind the Scenes Contest may be closed but there are still a lot of great submissions to view. Keep your eyes peeled for your favorites as we here at Fstoppers pick out the finalists for our celebrity judges to choose from. In the mean time here is an earlier entry from November.

wolftroutcobra:..."I LOVE THIS CONTEST! Behind the scenes videos are often overlooked as a creative way of telling a story. So, where to begin with the description.... I guess I'll start with backstory.
This video is a BTS of Sorel's "Fearless" campaign. There are two print ads, a :60 sec spot and a :30 sec spot. The production took place over the course of 4 days in LA, and was produced by BSSP. I was hired to cut together 5 different versions of the BTS to live on various blogs and social media outlets.
The music for this track is a custom score that I commissioned. I can't say enough about how perfect the music goes to this piece! Sam Martin and his crew worked really hard and fast to pull off the score, and they nailed it.
All total there was footage of 3 production days from both a 5D and 7D (173gb of footage).
Have to give credit to Andy Best also for a solid assemble edit on this."

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via [BehindtheScenesContest]
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