[BTSV] Contest Entry: Grolsch Idents (you will learn something)

Holy crap! James Karinejad and Edmund Curtis's BTS video is chock-full of creative knowhow. I can almost guarantee that everyone will pick something up from this entry. Top notch work guys. Thank you for sharing and good luck in the contest.

This is it everyone. The final hours to submit your contest entries. Happy freaking New Year!

via [BehindtheScenesContest]
From Kenn:
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Excuse me while I go put a glass in the freezer.

Yes I learned lots of somethings.


This is one of the best videos I've seen yet, you guys inspired me on this one!

Awesome job guys. All is need is creative thinking. Best way to prove it.

Fantastic stuff. Looks awesome.

These guys deserve to win.

What an interesting and inspiring video. Good job!

Wow. Thanks for all of the creative and insightful tips. Well done!

Like Macgyver meets Steve Jobs.

Keep up the mix of bubble gum and pixie dust.  :)

Wow you deserve to win. this is sick

I played back this BTS video several times, truly inspirational. Well done!

As a new film maker, I will refer to this video for a long time down the road. Great content, and of course the quality is brilliant.

holy crap is right!!

wow... I'll be watching this again... and again!

You can present the award now, they earned it.

Great video, what is the stand/tripod/crane (whatever it is called)? 

Thanks Natasha, we used a 1m HD Slider from Glidetrack.

Hi Natasha, thanks for the compliment
What I think you're referring to is a boom arm lighting stand.  Along the lines of this which you can get in America

Hope that helps :-)

Wow, this is my personal favorite so far. Still a ton I haven't seen yet though.

Thanks Lee for the compliment, fingers crossed

Thanks for all the kind comments guys. It means a great deal to us.

By far the best behind the scenes I've seen on your website. Just brilliant. 

Funny how they pronounce Grolsch :) informative video though!

Wow learnt alot from this. Amazing what you can with no budget get job very pro.


Fantastic video - you guys are incredibly creative and the end results are amazing. Curtis and Kar FTW!


This one might actually grab the attention of Chase Jarvis. That's the kind of creative craziness he likes to see...

This is by far one of the Best Behind The Scenes video that i've seen in a while.

Thanks for all the amazing compliments guys :-) 
Was a great fun shoot which we learnt a lot from and love to share whatever we do with the film-making community.

The video is amazing! In my opinion, the project of two guys, has succeeded very well.

It's awesome watching superbly creative people at work!

Wao!!! Super Creative and informative. I agree with the other fellows. James and Edmund have a very high chance in winning this competition and they very well deserve it.  Excellent video entry. Man, I got to see this again. Lol!

You are the best!

reaaaaaaly cool vid!


Me likey! Thumbs up! :)

Eso es lo que significa CREATIVIDAD.

That was awesome. I love seeing behind the scenes and especially how to do this stuff on a low budget. As a photographer with almost no budget, a lot of this stuff was great to learn!