[BTSV] Contest: Iconic Game Characters in Epic Zombie Slaying Vid

As good as the BTS is for this submission, the final video is epic. If you are a hardcore gamer like myself and recognize titles such as Gears of War, Halo, Mortal Kombat, and Left 4 Dead, then you're gonna love watching them all come together to kick some zombie ass. Did I say, "Spoiler Alert"? Oh well it's all good.

"Hey, everyone! This is my second submission to the contest (the first one was the Mitsubishi Evo 311RS video) and although this one again doesn't focus on one idea or concept.. It does give us everyday DSLR users a behind the scenes look at what goes into a production like this. This behind the scenes video was a last minute video that I decided to go film (one for the experience and two to share with all of you fellow f-stoppers. The actual video is a fan made film based off of the video game Left 4 Dead, it was a very low budget video that was filmed in two 16 hours days. The entire cast and crew donated their free time, props, costumes, film equipment, and talent for next to nothing but two freezing nights of filming over their weekend. I was very impressed with the final video and all the special effects... Hope you guys like it!"

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From Kenn:
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The final video is freaking amazing!!!! But c'mon on a small budget? we don't have the same definition of a small budget!! :) I didn't learn anything really with the BTS but the final video is really cool!