[BTSV] Contest: Underwater Swim Shoot

With great final images and a very informative BTS video, this contest entry may have made it into out our top 10 but sadly they didn't submit before the closing date. Having missed the deadline but not the point of the contest, they decided to post it anyways. So, thank the guys from 2D House for this most excellent video. Nice work guys.

"Hey Guys,
Our upload for the contest took a really long time and sadly we missed the deadline. We're kind of bummed but it's alright. We realize we're not eligible but since Fstoppers is the reason we created this video we still really want to share it. The whole idea being sharing, anyhow. Thanks to Fstoppers for putting together a sweet contest again. Next year we'll upload a few days earlier hehe. Cheers, and good luck to all the entries that made it in on time! We've already seen a bunch that are really awesome! Good work peeps!!

This video describes in relatively complete detail how we going about planning and executing a photo shoot from start to end. If anyone has any questions we didn't cover please feel free to ask.”

via [BehindtheScenesContest] [ContestEntries]
From Kenn:
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Noam Galai's picture

great video.

Simon Lachapelle's picture

vacuum bag! o_0 Nice work btw ! Love the final images.

Thanks for sharing this, Kenn. On the forum thread Patrick mentioned that we'd actually still be considered valid due to a 24 hour grace period.  I gather that's no longer the case, than?  

Starcraft 2 wallpaper? gg