Chase Jarvis Gets Dangerous

Chase Jarvis and his group of crazy friends show their behind the scenes footage of a shoot for Rusell Investments (yes they are shooting for an investment company). They are using the RED One cinema camera for high frame rate video and the Nikon D3s for standard HD video. Watch as they attach these cameras to some pretty cool systems including a 30' jib arm, Humble Monkey camera truck, multiple dollies, and the Steadicam Merlin!

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Thom Spierenburg's picture

Now this is Freakin' awesome! We needs more of these!

Does anybody know where to get this little dolly in the end of the video (@ 3:32 min)?
Amazing video !

Patrick Hall's picture

The humble monkey? I was really excited about it until I saw the price's more than a steadicam!

This would of been a great time to use a HD gopro hero, Shoots full 1080 and can shoot 60fps with a nearly indestructible housing.

The Humble Monkey is a blatant rip-off of the P+S Technik Skater Dolly- albeit about $4000 cheaper.