Chase Jarvis Shoots Nikon D7000 Ad

Nikon just announced a bunch of new gear and one of the new cameras is the new ">D7000. While I'm personally a little disappointed in it's lack of 720 60fps the camera does finally put 1080 video into a moderate Nikon body. All my wishful thinking aside, Chase Jarvis was approached by Nikon to shoot a short video showcasing the new video feature. Here is a little short behind the scenes promo video of Chase playing with the new camera and putting it through the ringer. Let's hope we get our 60fps on the D300s/D700 replacement so we can stop having to borrow Canon gear to shoot our videos :) Click the full post to see Chase's short film Benevolent Mischief and get on the Pre Order List first at or here at

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Wayne Jung's picture

That video is so filthy I have been getting more and more intrigued by the video feature on these cameras and now I am hooked. I need this in my life, I am not waiting for a replacement to the D700 I am getting the D7000.

Thanks for sharing this amazing work of art.


dnl's picture

great performer by D7000.. for patrick and lee, i think you guys gonna shoot BTS with D7000 not with D300s anymore :)

Richard Grebby's picture

Great stuff! Amazing work as usual and kick ass pictures without using high tech lighting and using Mother Earth at its finest!

Well done.

Khürt Williams's picture

Forgive my ignorance but why do you need 60fps at 720p in a camera? Nikon raised the MP count to 16 while keeping the sensor size the same as the D90. I expect more grain and poor quality pixels.

Greg's picture

That just speaks for itself. Very cool!

Patrick Hall's picture

The reason for 720p 60fps is so you can shoot slow motion video for fast action sports video and other creative projects. Canon's 7D shoots at this frame rate which means you could shoot at 60fps all the time and have the option to output at 30fps for slow mo or drop 50% of the frames for normal 30fps footage. Watch our Dave Lehl video on the right to see what I mean...although we had to fake the slow motion with Twixtor instead of real 60 fps slo mo.

Are you talking about having the D7000 shoot 60fps? I thought it wasn't capable of doing that. What do you recommend doing for a slow-motion shot with a camera that can only record at 30fps? Is there any software that can help a little bit? 

Anthony Spencer's picture

No 720/60 and no 1080/30 - what a shame.

RE: 720p: Actually, you can take it down to around 40% of normal speed (2.5 slower than 60fps) if your project timeline is 24fps. I am excited that Nikon is catching up on the video side but to me, this camera comes up short of even a T2i or even the new 60D which are both cheaper. If they can put those frame rates in a cheap GoProHD then they should be able to figure out how to do it on a $1200 body.

david joseph's picture

It never ceases to amaze me people lusting after features that they dont really need. Video is nice and " all that " but in the end if you want to do any kind of series work there are much better video options out there.. besides these cameras are for photographs. Chases video is nice but seriously Nikon should have rang La Foret , he makes their camera look like a consumer tool.

Patrick's picture

Very nice video. I'm really looking forward to get a D7000. I thought I would never miss video on my D700, but that is changing now ;-)

david joseph's picture

Xaltair , that is my point , it looks like something shot on a supervhs or something. I had no " wow " look at what this can do like I did when I looked at La Forets work with the 5D Mark II. Horses for courses , but I would have like to see bright, sharp etc and not a sensor that is clearly struggling to fill in the shadows.

Pierre Burnaugh's picture

Just one question. Is that the D7000 with the vertical grip, Chase is shooting with in the video?

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I love the D7000, I shot this by myself using only the D7000 and the new Tamron 24-70 with VC.