Could This Be The First HDR Video?

The guys over at Soviet Montage have created a video getting a lot of buzz in the last day or so. Regardless if this is the first true HDR video or not, it's most definitely the first of its kind coming off a Canon 5D MKII. Check out this short video they created with two DSLRs (one over exposed and the other underexposed); it's definitely an interesting look. I've never been a huge fan of the HDR look but I'll admit it does look pretty cool in video form, especially with people.

HDR Video Demonstration Using Two Canon 5D mark II's from Soviet Montage on Vimeo.

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But I want to know how they do it. It seems to me that when filming with two camera's simultaneously there will always be an offset when you try to align the 2 shots.

But ... HOW DID YOU put two cameras on the SAME position?
OR are you cropping?

I've never been much of a fan of HDR photography, as far as the cityscape went, the first looked like a video game, the more "realistic effect" looked better, but the person in HDR, as I feel of all HDR photos of people, looked kind of dirty to me. I don't think HDR of people is ever a good idea. Also if you look closely you can see a slight glow around him, especially when he moves his arms.

I'm sorry....

but this looks COOL AS HELL. lol.
Despite the technical "flaws of HDR" you have to admit it's a cool looking effect in video.

Great job,
I wonder how the setup goes ?

They must be parallel in all axis

Do you think they use a mirror system in order to have one focal point?

First thing I thought of was a beam splitter technique used with lasers. After searching a ton of Google pages I came across a site not related to them, but could be like the setup they used.
It’s mainly for 3D but could easily be used for HDR.

Wasn't Speed Racer done in HDR?

Take a look at this

Real looking dynamic range stretching using two RED cameras and a 3D rig set to zero (no 3D). Looks real - nothing funny looking including people.

Not the first one, a friend of mine, Matthew David Gorveatte, has shot a hand full of HDR's (tone matting style but everyone calls that HDR now a days in stills anyway).

you can find more here

Similar (pseudo HDR technique) in Adobe Premiere Pro, there is an effect you can apply called "Shadows / Highlights", and you only need to duplicate an imported video, and change the opacity of each layer to like 50%. Make one video really dark (you know what i mean) and the other light, and you can see similar effects without having to use two cameras, because some of us can't really afford two...

HDR is the new selective color.

As done in this video, HDR is typically abused, taken way too far and turned into something so cheesy and un-natural looking. When's the last time you've ever seen a dude talking on a roof top that looks like that with the naked eye? Never.

It looks awful.

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

I have no idea how you film with two cameras at the same exact position with the same movements...I'm predicting this will be used by Hollywood cinematographers instead of the muted tones that has been around for decades.

I can't see too many functional purposes for using hdr video, shoot at the right time of day and throw in a couple of lights and you will have a much better looking video at a cheaper cost of having to buy a second rig and a beam splitter. I'm sure if you toned it way down it can be a lot richer and nicer looking though.