[Deals] Fstoppers Top Cyber Monday Photography Deals

If you are like me, you probably avoid Black Friday at all costs and instead shop in your pajamas on Cyber Monday. In the Full Post we have some of the best deals going on today only so shop till your mouse breaks (or your wallet) and get that perfect gift for the photographer in the family. If you are a Canon shooter you hit the Jackpot.

Intel 320 Solid State Hard Drive If you haven't installed a Solid State Harddrive to your main workstation yet then you are missing out on what could be the most significant upgrade you can make to any computer. Photoshop and Premiere open up at blazing speeds and Lightroom is unbelievably fast now. The 160 GB version is my recommendation but there are rebates on the smaller sizes as well. Make sure you use this form to get the lowest deal on these. [Amazon]


Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro Lens Every professional photographer needs a good macro lens and if you are a Canon shooter then this might be the one. It's not the fancier one with the IS but honestly you should be using a tripod or shooting at f45 with flash for great macro shots anyways. The 2.8 aperture makes it easy to focus in lower light and the 100mm allows you to step away from your subject a bit for easier compositions. This lens is $60 off instantly. [Amazon | B&H Video ]


Canon 50mm 1.4 One of the fastest, shapest, and cheapest lenses Canon has ever made is the 50mm 1.4. No matter what type of photography you do this lens should be in everyone's bag. This lens rarely goes on sale but today is one of those rare occasions. This lens is $40 off instantly. [B&H Video ]


Canon 70 - 200 2.8 IS II USM The 70-200mm 2.8 is on every photographers wishlist. Not only is then lens extremely sharp and fast, but it also has incredible image stabilization built in which means you are now able to capture amazing shots without a tripod. This lens is $300 off instantly. [B&H Video ]


Pexagon Custom Packaging Pexagon makes some of the absolute best packaging for USB drives I've seen. They also have some pretty nice custom USB products as well. Right now they are taking off 20% on your entire order with the code WS2FF8722 so if you need to prepare for next years wedding season or just want something fancy to deliver photos in definitely take advantage of this sale.[Pexagon ]


GoPro HD Video Camera Everyone knows that we are huge fans of the GoPro HD video camera. This little camera is so small you can put it anywhere and since it is waterproof it is almost impossible to destroy this little thing. This little camera should be in every photographers/videographers so that you can be ready to record amazing HD footage from any location. Today only this little guy is 50% off at Ebay. [Ebay ]


Adobe Photoshop Elements Are you new to photography? If not you may still be new to Photoshop. If so you may want to start out with the much easier, and cheaper, Photoshop Elements. It isn't as powerful as "Photoshop" but this is a fantastic place to start. Today Elements is almost 50% off at Adorama. If you are interested in video I would suggest getting this package that also includes Premiere. [Adorama]


Keep checking back all day because we will be adding deals as we find them.

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I'm Sorry, Maybe I'm missing something. But isn't the the Canon Rebate an Instant Savings? And isnt that what B&H is already showing on their site?
I looked at the Canon 70-200 2.7 IS II USM on the B&H Site and Im seeing only the $300.00 Instant savings that Canon is showing for there rebate.
The only place I see a $150.00 Instant Savings is on the Canon 70-200 2.7 IS USM (Not the IS II)

If I am missing something please let me know because I would love to buy this lens at $300.00 off plus another $150.00 off.

Jason Kisser's picture

Jason, try this link.



Justin Massongill's picture

How did you get to this page? I'm a bit confused as to how this instant savings + rebate deal works out.

I'm having trouble as well. Only seeing $60 off the 100mm and $40 off the 50mm.

haha @ f/2.7

Nice! I didnt even catch that myself..!!

how is the go pro 50% off everywhere i look its that price

The GoPro Hero 2 is out, they are getting rid of the old one

something weird is going on over at B&H - they have the 70-200L for $2074, but if you click on the link on fstoppers, it shows as $1974, exactly $100 more off the price tag......

also the ids are different (#CA7020028LIQ $2074; #SHCA7020028L $1974)

Sorry guys, I've been away for a while. I am also confused about these deals now. There does not appear to be an additional Canon mail in rebate like we previously thought.

The intel hard drive price just went up! WTF?????

Patrick Hall's picture

that's the nature of these sales....sorry if anyone missed out or something was different than when it was posted.  Keep your eyes peeled!

Jason Kisser's picture

B&H posted a link on their Facebook wall with the link that I posted above.  Apparently, that link is the ONLY way to get to those deals.