How to Come up With New Ideas

Have you ever felt stuck with no creative idea inspiring you to create something? Even if it's in your bedroom or living room or while browsing the net, this video shows you how to save ideas and use them as reference for new concepts and to even show clients. 

I agree that it's very hard or even impossible to come up with ideas that are not influenced by something someone has done in the past. I also think it's the definition of inspiration in a basic form. I mean, have you ever tried getting the color tone from one image or movie that you love in your work? I surely have, and it's because I've tried analyzing every part of the image or piece of film to find out why it made me feel the way it did. It's like reverse-engineering, but in a good way. 

I used to think creativity is about having a free mind without the barriers of routine or doing the same thing every day. What I've learned is that these daily tasks and activities are what makes you able to find solutions, to streamline, and to get where you want to be at the end of the day. So, my advice is to streamline your method of sourcing inspiration, and save it in a place you can reference from. But, see it as part of the process, something you need to finish in a certain amount of time to get to the next part. Don't get stuck binge-watching. See the search as a means to make something and not just as entertainment. 

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Christian Lainesse's picture

That's plagiarism with a few extra steps.

Richard Hart's picture

Creativity is solving problems with original thought. Inspiration can come from anywhere, its how you apply it that is interesting. Creativity is not necessarily communicating visually or being a visual thinker or making something look pretty.