Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher's Bokeh Spells Out Words

If you've ever played with an effects lens like the Lens Baby Composer then you are probably aware that you can actually create out of focus areas that have specific shapes by using specially designed apertures. Well Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher took this one step further and actually made his out of focus bokeh spell out words during a recent video shoot. I think there is a lot to be desired with the final video but the concept is pretty genius. Check out this video below to see how Kaleb designed the 'aperture' blades and the second video shows the short video he made using the technique.

Light Works - Behind The Scenes from Supernormals on Vimeo.

Light Works from Supernormals on Vimeo.

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Make sure you guys view the full post so see the finished video. It's super cool .

That is really neat, I think I'm going to be playing with that sometime in the near future. Thanks again for showing that off, I'm impressed.

That's an awesome implementation of transformed bokeh!
I've never thought about anything besides star and hart shapes let alone something like this. Now that's creative! :)

Awesome idea, a big congrats to Frank and the guys that helped him out. Its got me thinking i would love to try something like this and put my own spin on it too.

Very cool and creative work.

Awesome! I love it!.. Seems to me that this technique was probably used a long long time ago...no?

Well I never would've thought....Love the last one with bokeh family.

This is sick. Love it!

Hey Guys, thanks for the idea. I've already used it for a project and hit one out of the ballpark!!!