NYC Fstoppers Meetup Tonight! Update: The Party Is Over

Patrick and I are currently in Peter's studio putting the finishing touches on his DVD and all three of us will be coming out tonight to the meetup. This Fstoppers get-together will be "Las Chicas Locas" at 160 West 25th Street where we have met before. The owner is reserving the bar/restaurant just for us, so let's try to pack it out. Everyone is welcome no matter what level photographer you consider yourself, and the party begins at 9pm. Hope to see you guys there.

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Robert Simpson's picture

Let me know when you're planning the NZ meetup... sigh! :)

Martin Booth's picture

BEt it would be in Auckland, might as well be NYC for me then 

zack zannini's picture

Gonna be great! 

will try and make it.

Why is NYC so far away from Sweden? :(

Dave Persaud's picture

I get out of work at 10 but I'll come by after..

Noam Galai's picture

Ill be there. What time is it?

Patrick Hall's picture

We will be there at 9. Peter Hurley tells me he is planning on coming too so it should be a celebration of the completion of his headshot DVD.

You guys need to hit the west coast. Next time you're in Frisco, drinks are on me dudes.

Anonymous's picture

why don't you go down and document occupy wall st ??

Anonymous's picture

guys i wish the best luck

Alberto Nieto's picture

Qué envidia¡!... yo quiero irrr.. Un saludo desde España...

What an envy!!, I wanna goooo.. Best regards from Spain...

I know this is off topic but if you guys still have some free time while in New York. I thought maybe we could do a meet up at wall street so we all could take photos and put something together. 

21+ ~ not Cool

Lee Morris's picture

They made an exception for us last time

I am 15 and me and my mom are both huge fans of the site and i was really trying to go but once we found out it was 21+ we figured there was no  point .. well now we know for next time .. just an fyi i am a huge Lee Morris fan  if there could be one person i would wana be when i grow up it would defently be you. thanks for a great website  

Anonymous's picture

Best wishes from Chicago, I hope everyone has a great time. Be safe.