[OMG] Nikon Uses 5d2, Phantom HD Footage To Promote D800

[OMG] Nikon Uses 5d2, Phantom HD Footage To Promote D800

In what must be one of the largest faux-pas in camera news ever, Nikon has  used footage shot on Canon 5d Mark IIs and what appears to be a Phantom HD camera to promote their D800. But it doesn't end there. Not only did they use footage from their competitors' cameras  in the ad, but they also allegedly did not ask permission to use that footage in the first place.  Get the scoop after the jump.

The first news of things gone awry was when well-known photographer, videographer, and internet sensation TSO Photgraphy noticed that Nikon had used his footage in their promo. See exhibit A:


Many of you will remember TSO's video titled "The Mountain,"  from which a few of the shots in the Nikon promo were lifted (which is definitely worth the watch if you haven't seen it):

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

In addition, Nikon also apparently ...ehem, "borrowed" some footage from a film released last year called "The Art of Flight." This film was a pretty big deal - a very high budget, widely released and acclaimed movie showcasing some of the finest action sports athletes in action. The footage that Nikon used can be seen in the trailer below (and again, I highly recommend a viewing of this video, as well!)

Now, before I go running for my pitchfork and pots and pans, this begs the questions: What exactly happened? Who is to blame? Was it Nikon or a third party that created the video? As of 1:00AM on March 4th, this was posted on TSO Photography's Facebook page:

This would appear to at least be an admission of guilt (even if it looks like they're trying to keep hush) on Nikon's part, and it seems that some resolution was arrived at between TSO and Nikon.

I'm sure we'll be hearing more as things develop, and I'll be updating this post periodically when that information becomes available. What do you think happened? Someone at Nikon going out with a bang, an honest mistake, or a third party trying to cut corners?

Update as of 1:30AM March 4th: Nikon has removed the offending video (understandbly so). I've linked to a low-res copy in its place.

Via Steve's Digicams

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Justin Hee's picture

Im definitely sure that Nikon was probably in a rush to create a promo video......which in result in taking many clips from different videos...basically there is so much more other ppl's footage, like Ross Ching's DTS Speaker Orchestra video


I wonder did Nikon gets approval from these ppl to use their footage?

Well this video seems to be released in Southeast Asia, which if you have ever been there, copyright laws do not exist (or are not enforced) so I don't think they anticipated this going into the US, but still poor form Nikon.

Nathan Mollison's picture

That one real skateboarding trick (the nosegrind on the ledge at the top of a bank) was lifted from somewhere too. Not sure where but it certainly pre-dates the D800... Could even be on a VX1000 or VX2100!!

I think I saw TheSartorialist  more than a few times in the video. I thought he uses Canon? 0_0

from this clip http://www.thesartorialist.com/press_review/intel-visual-life/

This is pretty crazy, but does nobody remember when the D300s was released the ridiculous footage in Robert Bosch's promo video? I even emailed Bosch asking about it (he didn't respond). This is not new for Nikon. As far as advertising laws go, I know in the US - if you advertise a product (ice cream is a good example) you have to show that product, not something else (like mashed potatoes). I'm not sure where this falls - they may not be claiming that video to be shot from the D800, so maybe it's technically okay (but definitely not good for business).

Here's Bosch's video - check out 0:10 for the not-Nikon-fun-time.

Nowhere in the video does it say that the footage was shot with a Nikon anything. It's all assumption.

I see a part of a longboard video from original skateboars too.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rXwBmGyMRo&feature=relmfu

 Lol, The Sartorialist is in there too, look here...
This crap is even more ridiculous since I've just been to a Canon preview of the C300's and they had multiple short movies realized with the C300 alone... step up, Nikon. Way to make you look inferior to the competition there.

I'm guessing this is down to the same third party marketing company that were getting them in hot water over similar events two years ago with the S3000.

not that it's stolen but I also see some D4 footage in there... unless the D4 film "why" was shot on a D800...