[Pics] Long Exposure Images Of Lightning Bugs In Japan

Remember those little lightning bugs that you used to try and catch right before sunset when you were little? Well each year, the guys over at Digital Photo Blog have captured images of thousands of Fireflies that come out during their mating season. Obviously we would never be able to see this with our own eyes but by taking a long exposure they've gotten some pretty surreal photographs that showcase all the different lines and marks these little bugs make.

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WOW! Why hasnt this been done before?

Gregory Crewdson did this a long time ago.

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Great stuff!  I love it when time exposures show off things you don't normally see!

Is it a long exposure or the overlay of many longish exposures?
Do the lightning bugs blink?
Great pictures BTW

Since the bugs only stay lit for like 1 second, it would seem like most of them would produce a sphere when out of focus.  I guess the shape of the light depends on the length of the shutter...higher iso and faster shutter equals sphere, lower ISO and longer shutter equals streaks. 

awesome bugs and photos are awesome

This is pretty much the coolest thing ever. 

They look great! :)

That is super cool

Wow this is awesome! The lightening bugs are non existent around here (where I grew up and still live) so I cant share the joy of seeing them in real life with my kids...glad to know they exist elsewhere. These pictures are amazing!

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Beautiful! Thanks for taking these and sharing them! :D