Award-Winning Short 'The Boy with a Camera for a Face' Is Beautifully Grim

We first saw the trailer for "The Boy with a Camera for a Face" some three years ago. And while it may seem like director and writer Spencer Brown took his good old time, (at least for those of us who were waiting with bated breath), you'll be glad he did. The resulting satirical fairy tale, narrated by Steven Berkoff, is beautiful, humorous, and grim and speaks to how we live our lives in today's media-driven society.

With the advent of products like Google Glass and our growing ability to store massive amounts of data, we may not be too far off from being able to capture every single moment of our lives. And even though I don't see the world being in any real peril, as it is in this story (oops, spoiler), it does raise a few interesting questions, such as: What will entertainment look like in the years to come? How will copyright and piracy laws deal with "capture tech?" Where will we draw the line when it comes to privacy issues? When we can record, rewind, and re-watch anything and everything, how will it affect the way we live?

Watch this fantastic short while you are mulling those questions over and leave your thoughts in the comments below. I'm super curious to see what you all think about the short and about living life through a lens, be it our own or someone else's.

You’re probably wondering if my short film I made two years ago ever happened. It did...

...The film has been going really well and won quite a few awards: the Melies D’argent at its premiere at Razor Reel in Bruges, Best Short at Misfits Film Festival, and the Oscar-qualifying Best of Fest at St. Louis International Film Festival.  We’ve also been selected for festivals around the world, including Short Shorts in Japan, which is pretty cool.

Find "The Boy with a Camera for a Face" on its Facebook page.

Director and Writer: Spencer Brown
Director of Photography: Chris Moon
Production Designer: Ollie Tiong
Sound Designer: Nik Zivojinovic

[via Laughing Squid]

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Great - thanks for posting!

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....speechless. that was terrifying and incredible

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