Guns & Girls: A BTSV Of Magpul's 2014 Calendar

Be it with a camera or with a gun, a girl who shoots is unquestionably sexy. So what's that make talented commercial fashion photographer Dixie Dixon as she takes on the role of Director of photography for Magpul's 2014 Calendar? Hot, no doubt, but more importantly she adds professionalism and class to a genre that is traditionaly little more than string bikinis and thongs. Dixie's sophistication and style is a refreshing departure from a genre typically shot far too often through the male lens.

I'm a fan of Magpul, their products, their values and now their calendar. Well done guys, you even taught your models trigger awareness.
“For this year's calendar we opened up the armory and hired best in the fashion industry to push the boundaries a bit of what is expected for a Magpul Calendar.

To be honest we weren't too sure how it was going to turn out, but as the photo shoot progressed we started to realize that this calendar was something special.

The guns looked good and the girls looked great, but there was a sophistication to the photography that had broad appeal beyond the regular "girls with guns" calendars we had done in the past.

From a gritty warehouse shot is a shady part of town with the Ronin Motorcycle to an ultra modern house with backlit plastic walls, all the photographs were shot on location. No studio shots with added backgrounds were used in this Calendar.

Even the cover photo, our model, wearing a designer dress while holding a vintage 1921 Colt Thompson sub machine gun, actually walked down a closed off downtown Dallas street to get the shot.

The result is a calendar with some unexpected visual and artistic elements exhibiting the Magpul touch, presented in a package with broad appeal with timeless iconic photography.

Part Art, Part Calendar, All Magpul

2014 Magpul (12 Month) Calendar preorders will start shipping Nov 14, 2013

This year a portion of the proceeds from the calendar will go to the USMC Reconnaissance Foundation. The foundation provides assistance to wounded Reconnaissance Marines and Marine Reconnaissance families. Last year's calendar raised over $20,000 for charity. We hope to far exceed that amount this year.”-Magpul-

Follow Dixie's exploits on Twitter @iamDIXIEDIXON, friend her on Facebook
and learn a thing or two from her blog. You can also learn from her in person at the Fstoppers Workshop in the Bahamas in 2014!

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Kicka$$ BTS, Thanks!

Guns & Girls. How fucking creative. Even if the photos are good the theme is old and weapon manufactures shouldn't gert any support whatsoever

Lib much?

Patrick Hall's picture

The thing is, most of these types of shoots go straight for the T&A with overly sexualized images. What I love about this is the themes are much classier and the overall production is pulled off way better than what you typically see. I dig it. Oh, and nothing is more fun than taking a cute girl out to the shooting range :)

Regardless on my opinion on guns - for someone that's not used to them (non US) it seemed that the gun was so out of place that it seemed weird and awkward.
.. except maybe the motorbike scene.

Jayson Carey's picture

Found the vegan.

Name a theme that isn't old

Her left eye must be her dominant eye but it seems very weird that she doesn't use the vertical grip on that D4!

Bruno Inácio's picture

Maybe the camera is rented and she usually shoot's with no griped cameras!

She joked about the way she holds it in one of her creativeLive sessions.

David Moore's picture

That would be a lot of fun. Along with gun parts, I love my Magpul iPhone case. haha.


Lenn Long's picture

Would love to see the real world invoice on this one. You can see the value and tons of pre-production, scouting, quality models, props. Not to mention you don't shoot a full 13 shoot calendar in a day or two.

Thanks so much for noticing that Lenn!!! :))) A TON of pre-production went into this, it was a 3 day shoot and 12 completely different locations (4 per day)!

you did an outstanding Job , the outcome looks awesome :)

Thank you so much Philippe!!! :)


Werner Rolli's picture

While the photography is spotless no doubt I have a slight problem with the glorification on guns. Those weapons you see in the calendar are actually military rifles that should not be available on the market. No offense to the photographer - we all have to make a living. But I do have mixed feelings when it comes to guns.

... and there is a huge difference between a military rifle and a civilian versions even though they may look the the same. I don't agree with everything the General says I believe any government should not have a monopoly of force. History is replete with that failure thank you but the thought process is in the right direction.

I also have mixed feelings... about liberal buffoons like you!

Werner Rolli's picture

Thanks for the name calling …

Jayson Carey's picture

They are just "scary looking." Aside from ergonomics and interchangeable parts, they functionally no different than the guns my family uses for hunting.

Werner Rolli's picture

Dear Jayson, I am not scared of guns (I served in the military and shot just about anything I could get my hands on) and I didn't want to offed anyone who uses them for sports or hunting. I just think there are too many guns in the hands of whackos.

OUTLAW WHACKOS! Unless you are going to ban cars, because drunks kill nine times more people than guns. Your logic makes no sense. Unless you are going to ban cigarettes, a product that when used exactly as directed kills ten times more people each year than died in the entire Vietnam war, your logic makes no sense. The most dangerous places in America, as proven by statistics are GUN FREE ZONES, so... if logic and fact matter, lets keep the focus on... REALITY!

Werner Rolli's picture


Jayson Carey's picture

What do you not believe about that?

Werner Rolli's picture

Jayson, Dizeman,
first off, let's agree that we disagree. It's perfectly all right with me. However, comparing cars with guns hits me as somewhat strange. Cars were designed for transport. We all need cars to go to work, shop, visit friends. When we drive, we buckle up, we obey speed limits (I do), we stop at red lights, we don't drink. There are stiff penalties if we are caught violating any of these rules. And we have to pass a test in order to get a drivers license. These measures are rightfully taken in order to prevent accidents (most of which could be prevented).
Now, guns were designed to kill. So double care is necessary when handling guns. I had my military rifle in my home for over 20 years (if you are a member of the Swiss army, you're actually required to take it home). We were taught how to handle it safely, keep ammo separated from guns and take the machinery out, so nobody can shoot your rifle by accident. And there were (and are) stiff penalties for violating the safety rules.
My comment was not made to insult hunters or sports shooters who know how to handle their guns. But from what I see in the news, too many people are able to get guns without background checks and apparently without proper instructions. Will gun control stop them? I don't know. But may be it would stop some. Just as belt buckles help to lower the death rate in car accidents. As for stopping a bad guy with a gun - that's the policemen's job.
I don't know what studies you are referring to, statistics over here prove that the more guns the more gun related deaths, be it suicide, homicide or accidents.

at 2:40, why is the guy holding that rectangular shaped glass in front of the camera? does it serve any purpose?

Savi You's picture

It appears they were applying vaseline to the give the image a slightly blurry, dreamy look.

You got it!!! :)

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