Side by Side Comparison of the Canon 80D and the 1D X Mark II

There are so many options when choosing a camera body, and for most the price tag plays a huge factor. Understanding what your plans are for shooting and what the capabilities of each body can do will help to determine if that hefty price tag if worth saving up for.

Peter McKinnon enthusiastically describes just what makes the 1D X Mark II almost eight times the price of the Canon 80D. While the obvious reasons would be the frames per second (FPS) and the higher ISO, he talks us through a few details that would be help the smaller price tag seem more reasonably for the everyday shooter.

The 1D is marked at 8,000 (Canadian) for many reasons but that does not mean the 80D is not a workhorse in its own right. Take into consideration what and where you are mainly shooting and the 80D might be a perfect fit for your needs. McKinnon wrote that the intent of this video was to go over the features that make the price significantly higher over those that do not. The detail that stuck out the most to me was the need for the CFast card that has its own higher price tag.  However when you are working video this will be something you will not want to skimp on.

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Jonathan Brady's picture

Didn't watch the video but I'm going to assume he's in a country other than the USA. Those prices are nowhere near accurate in the USA for the 1Dx Mark II or a cfast card.

Reginald Walton's picture

I agree, I paid $5999.00 for my 1DX II, so he must be referencing a foreign currency outside of the U.S.

Jonathan Brady's picture

My curiosity got the best of me after your reply. He's Canadian. Evident within about 10 seconds of the video based on accent. Then I checked and the 1Dx Mark II is indeed $8000 at regular price.

Jennifer Tallerico's picture

My bad everyone !! I even knew he was from Canada and had it in my notes to change currencies!

Jon Dize's picture

Informative, but his mimicking of Casey Neistat, slamming the camera around wore me out. Casey has a very unique style which is distinctively Casey Neistat and when others attempt to mimic him, it always comes off as annoying to me. It reminds me of an Elvis impersonator walking around talking like Elvis casually and when I asked him about it, he responded, "This is how I naturally talk... Thank you verrrry much!" in his best Elvis voice.

But, annoying high-speed, camera slapping, Case Neistat impersonation aside... it was informative. (I'm a Nikon shoot for 42 years and I really appreciate Canon's no hunting AF in video mode.)

Allen Reid's picture

I've been watching McKinnon for a few months and his growth has been amazing. Overall, while Casey is a great storyteller, McKinnon is a much better photographer, imo. He comes off as a nicer guy and actually tries to engage his audience by giving many helpful photography and video tips. I do agree that there are some similarities in style though.

Ralph Hightower's picture

I covet the 1Dx II like I covet owning a Chevrolet Corvette. But I don't need the extra features of the 1Dx II all the time. The 5D III suits me fine.