The Sound of Inception: Making Photos Come to Life

Fstoppers is a blog mainly geared towards videographers and photographers. However, sound engineering is another field that will soon be of interest to photographers who are jumping into film or video projects. In the case of full length features, many of the images we see on the screen would not have the same impact without the music and sound-effects that accompany them. I love all behind the scenes videos and this one really made me appreciate the guys behind the soundboards. Watch as Richard King and company unveil some of the sounds they used for the movie Inception. Check out Sound Works Collection for more videos on this sort of thing.

"Inception" Sound for Film Profile from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

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Amazing! So much work goes into something so simple.

The photographer focuses its attention in the image, but in the video accomplishment, the audio is as much important as the image.

It is like listening to music in a radius with bad signal, unlike listening to it in your ipod with the best possible quality, it's something that you feel, something that enriches the project

It's a great subject, so important in the accomplishment of quality videos


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You guys might want to click the Vimeo link so you can watch this large. I don't know why people upload stuff and don't want other sites to embed them large. So strange.

Is more about sound design than sound engineering IMO because they're the people that actually create the sounds for the movies.

That Made me want to watch that movie again, just to experience the music

I enjoyed this. It seems like sound engineering is often overlooked as a vital part of a production from the audience's point of view. The audio really makes these images come to life.

We've found that sound can make or break a commercial. And as a musician, I know how meticulous we are about our sound. I can't imagine the tediousness of getting all the frequencies right for gunfights and ambient sounds.