Tether Tools Introduces Rock Solid Line

Tether Tools Introduces Rock Solid Line

This is a great product for all you tethered shooters out there. Tether tools just introduced their new line of tablet and smartphone mounts for photographers, videographers and musicians. This is a collection of arms, brackets and clamps used to mount your iPads, iPhones, ect to view your tethered images easily and conveniently. You can purchase the parts seperatly to create your own custom mounts or purchase one of two kits priced at $86.89 and $240.85.

Press Release


Tablet Mounting Solutions for Photographers, Videographers & Musicians

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Sept. 10, 2012) - Tether Toolss is expanding its product offering by introducing a new line of gear catering to photographers as well as videographers and musicians. The Rock Solid® line is a premier collection of arms, brackets and clamps for the photography, film, audio and music industries that can be used to mount an Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tablet to their existing equipment.

Tether Tools’ Rock Solid equipment is versatile, sturdy and secure. These new accessories integrate seamlessly with the Tether Tools Connect® and Connect Lite® bracket for the Wallee iPad and Tablet mounting system.

Rock Solid ProClamp ($35.95): Designed to mount to an array of round or flat surfaces, this versatile tool holds just about anything. Use it to mount a camera, Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Tether Tables®, lights, umbrellas, crossbars, or even other ProClamps. It’s made of lightweight cast alloy and allows for dozens of attachments.

Rock Solid Mini ProClamp ($29.95): Like its big brother, the Rock Solid Mini ProClamp lets you securely attach tools - like your tablet, phone, or camera - to multiple surfaces. It mounts easily to tripod legs, rails for DSLR and video rigs, and even exercise bikes, treadmills, and bicycle handlebars.

Rock Solid Articulating Arm with Center Lock ($58.95): This articulating arm holds devices like iPads, tablets, phones, and light fixtures in place. Available in 7- and 11-inch versions, it’s easy to adjust and maneuver. Just turn the single nob to release all of the joints and adapt to the right position or angle.

Rock Solid Vacuum PowrGrip 3 Smartphone Universal Mount ($58.95): This mini-vacuum suction device mounts Smartphones on various non-porous surfaces. The ballhead enables angling the phone for App use, video/image viewing, navigation or other uses.

Rock Solid Vacuum PowrGrip 4.5 with Ballhead ($58.95): Built to be the most reliable, secure and versatile tablet and DSLR vacuum mounting system on the market, the 4.5 inch vacuum cup comes with a mounting arm so you can position and angle the tablet or camera in different ways. It attaches and releases in seconds to things like windows, mirrors, cars, RVs, cockpits, boats, and counter tops.

Rock Solid Microphone Stand Adapter ($8.95): The Rock Solid Microphone Stand Adapter converts any standard 5/8”-27 to a 1/4”-20 tripod thread designed to fit on any microphone stand or boom. Mount an iPad or Galaxy Tab, point and shoot or video camera, flash or strobe as well a Smartphone or media player to your mic stand.

Rock Solid Easy Grips - ST, LG, XL ($27.99-$39.99): Easy Grip clamps attach to round or flat surfaces ranging from 0 - 4.0 inches and include a ballhead offering 360 degree pan adjustment, 90 degree tilt adjustment and a 1/4”-20 male receptor, making them ideal for mounting various gear, such as the Wallee Connect Lite.

In addition to individual Rock Solid products, photographers, videographers and musicians also can buy the following kits. Both are designed to securely mount iPads and Tablets onto a variety of stands.

Rock Solid Pro Drum Kit for iPad & Galaxy ($240.85): The drum kit includes one Tether Tools Wallee Connect bracket, one Hollywood Superflex Arm with three elbows for unlimited angling options, and one Rock Solid ProClamp. The kit is designed for easy transport and can be quickly added to any drum kit. See the drum kit in action on the Tether Talk blog.

Rock Solid Pro Mic Kit for iPad & Galaxy ($86.89): With this kit, you’ll receive one Tether Tools Wallee Connect Lite bracket, one EasyGrip ST with included articulating ball-head assembly, and one Rock Solid Microphone Stand Adapter. Just like the drum kit, it’s designed for transport and is easily added to any microphone stand or boom. See the mic kit in action on the Tether Talk blog.

Rock Solid products and Drum and Mic Kits are available at http://www.TetherTools.com and authorized dealers worldwide.

About Tether Tools®
Tether Tools® is a design and manufacturing company providing innovative custom photography equipment and accessories for in-studio and on-location shoots. Tether Tools is committed to providing high quality versatile tethering and workstation solutions for professional and enthusiast photographers. They also supply gear for musicians, videographers and other creative professionals.

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