Through The Eyes Of A Firefighter: The Contour ROAM On A Firefighters Helmet

Since the increased availability of small, high quality video cameras, we've seen some truly amazing footage. But this video from Scott Ziegler gives us a first hand look at what firefighters deal with on a call! It's pretty intense! The music on the video might be NSFW in places so you might want to turn your sound down.

These clips were compiled from a years worth of fires in Highland Park, Michigan  and Scott says that he had to replace the lens and mount at several points during the year because the fires were so intense and would melt the plastic. According to the comments in some places it's really tough to take pictures at these blazes, and even tougher to release any images or video to the public so we're really happy that Scott took the extra effort to show us these awesome clips.


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Great idea for a video. Reminds me to go backup my data off site again.