[Video] Behind the Glass with Vincent Laforet & Blake Whitman

In this series of videos aimed towards novices, Vincent Laforet and Blake Whitman from Vimeo Video School give you a breakdown on the commonly used lenses in video production and their specific characteristics. Since this video is aimed at beginners, seasoned shooters might want to skip these, but it's shot and organized so well that even if you already know the difference between a wide-angle and a standard lens you still might want to give it a look, especially videos #2/3. Vincent goes into detail regarding how different focal lengths effects framing, compression, depth-of-field, distortion, as well as their proper uses for storytelling, dialogue shots, and providing context within your frame. This is really handy if you happen to be teaching someone photography basics or are moving into video from a stills background. The best part of this whole video might just be Blake Whitman giving Vincent Laforet a hard time for basically the entire series. Enjoy.

Part 1 - Very Basic Introduction to Lenses (Skip this if you're not a novice)

Part 2 - Focal Length

Part 3 - Depth of Field

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Nikos Papakyriazis's picture

great series ! ;)

Excellent series... very interesting! Well done! :)

Good info.

But why the crappy audio and the useless cuts to the side view off the top?