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Martin Schoeller and Matthew Modine Discuss Their Most Iconic Images

I've really been enjoying these episodes of Mark Seliger's discussion-based show called Capture. In this latest installment, you'll get to sit in with one of the most talented photographers around - Martin Schoeller. He tells the stories behind his photographs of Jack Nicholson, Lyle Lovett, Steve Carell, and the breastfeeding mother (that I'm sure you all remember).

Product Photography In The Garage, Capture One Has You Covered

Hey guys, Paul here. Today is a busy day of packing for me. I'm shooting 41 shows for New York Fashion week and my plane leaves bright and early. I will share my experience with all of you as soon as I get back. For now, I wanted to share a quick down and dirty solution to shooting product shots, or any subject for that matter, especially when you have the client present in the studio... or garage in my case.

Man Killed While Photographing Grizzly Bear

A San Diego hiker was mauled to death on Friday while taking photos of a grizzly bear. It happened in Alaska's Denali National Park, and is the park's first known fatal bear attack. Richard White was backpacking by himself, and stood about 50-100 yards from the 6oo-pound bear while photographing it. "The photographs in the recovered camera show the bear grazing and not acting aggressively. Spokeswoman Maureen McLaughlin said the bear did not even appear aware of the hiker until the final photos, which show the animal looking toward the camera."

Everybody Wants to be The Sartorialist

Who knew that street fashion photography was so trendy? Like many others, I really enjoy the work of The Sartorialist and have followed his blog for years now. But I never considered that his popularity would lead to this - streets filled with photographers trying to emulate his style. Of course, this video does take place in the midst of New York fashion week. So I'm not convinced that what these crowds are shooting can even be considered street photography. Aren't they more like paparazzi?

Behind The Lens With Gregory Heisler

Stumptown Visuals sat down with world renowned photographer, Gregory Heisler just before he spoke at ASMP Oregon's August meeting. Gregory, who is best known for photographing more than 70 Time Magazine cover portraits, gives us a glimpse into what it's like to be behind the lens and have worked with some of the most famous people in the world.

Watch A Shark Steal $15,000 Worth of Camera Equipment

Emma is a 14-foot long tiger shark living in the Bahamas. And she steals expensive cameras. While a film crew was shooting a documentary called Shark Obsession, Emma swiped $15,000 worth of equipment. Fortunately, she dropped the 30 pounds of gear soon after and it remained undamaged. Unfortunately, her camera wasn't rolling at the time.

Zack Arias Takes DigitalRev's Cheap Camera Challenge

You may enjoy this fun little video from DigitalRev. Altanta's photographer extraordinaire Zack Arias takes on the Pro Photographer/Cheap Camera challenge. He walks the streets of Hong Kong with a little red point-and-shoot Kodak. He's also got an external flash to work with, if he can figure out how to sync it! You'll see his results at the end. How do you think he did?

Mark Seliger Has a New Discussion-Based Photography Show

This is the first episode of Mark Seliger's new show called Capture. He is filming the show in his studio in Manhattan. In this episode, Seliger sits down with Platon, staff photographer for The New Yorker known for his portraits of US Presidents and other important world figures. Actor Dylan McDermott also sits in on the conversation, discussing his photography work and inspiration.

F-Stop Explained by Dylan Bennett

When I clicked on this video, I figured I wouldn't learn a thing. If you're like me, you fully understand how to use the f-stop principle, even if you can't remember where all the numbers came from. I know I've heard all of this before, but it's been years. When I explain f-stop to someone, I don't get quite so mathematical. In this video, Dylan Bennett provides a straightforward and mathematical explanation of f-stop.

The Future of Photography According to Lytro Creator Ren Ng

In this video, Ren Ng discusses the history and future of photography. Ng has spent years studying light field technology and computational science. He created the Lytro camera in 2006 and is continuing to develop some mind-boggling photographic technology. This particular video is from a recent TEDx event in San Jose. At about the 13:35 mark you'll see the newest Lytro feature - the ability to change the perspective of an image.

Layar Creator Merges Print and Digital Media

It's becoming more evident that print media must innovate to survive in our increasingly digital world. The makers of Layar Creator are trying to bridge that gap. With their augmented reality app, users can experience print media with the dynamics of digital media. This means you can instantly download, buy, like, and share things you find in print. And this is the part that I can't really wrap my head around - Layar allows you to turn still photos into video. What do you think? Is this useful technology?

Tom Waits Narrates A Brief History of John Baldessari

If you don't know anything about John Baldessari, here's a quick and highly entertaining way to get up to speed on this living American legend. The great voice of Tom Waits narrates this five-minute documentary about Baldessari and his work. Considered by many to be the godfather of conceptual art, his work goes far beyond photography. He began as a painter, and eventually got into mixed media. His canvasses often feature both text

[Gear] The Staggering 3-Ton, 3.2 Gigapixel Camera

Imagine the storage you would need to shoot with a 3.2 billion pixel camera. With 189 image sensors, and weighing 3 tons - this will be the world's largest digital camera. It's called the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) and is being engineered by SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. The goal of the project is to “capture the widest, fastest and deepest view of the night sky ever observed." They are looking to the LSST to learn more about

[Film] New and Improved Instant Film Made by Former Polaroid Employees

Ten of Polaroid's former employees have created a new and improved instant film for your Polaroid cameras. It is part of The Impossible Project. Back in 2008, they purchased one of the last Polaroid factories in an effort to keep the art form alive. Two years later, they released their first films into the world. PX Cool is the latest Impossible film,

[Video] An Alfred Stieglitz Documentary - The Eloquent Eye

Here's an in-depth look at the life and work of legendary photographer Alfred Stieglitz. It's part of the PBS American Masters series, and you can watch it here in it's entirety. Stieglitz was a pioneer not only photography but modern American art as a whole. He was born in Hoboken, lived his life in New York, ran numerous galleries, was friends with Edward Steichen, and married legendary painter Georgia O'Keefe.

[Video] Incredible Stop Motion Video Inspired by Ernest Hemingway

I'm kind of obsessed with stop motion, and have dabbled in it from time to time. But this particular stop motion video is top notch. Watch as a pair of hands (belonging to an artist named Hagen Reiling) draw the story of Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and The Sea. The camera work and edit were done by Marcel Schindler. He shot with a

[Gear] Vintage Nikon Fisheye Lens on Sale for $160,000

Are you in the market for a fisheye? This one will only set you back $160,000. Nikon created this extreme wide angle lens back in 1970, for the Photokina trade show. It's the Nikkor 6mm f/2.8, and it has a 220º field of view. The lens weighs about 11 pounds, with a minimum focusing distance of 25cm. When it was first introduced, it was the widest lens available.

[Pics] An Incredible 24-Hour, 360º Panorama

This is what it looks like when day and night meet in a single image. Including the prep time, it took photographer Chris Kotsiopoloulos thirty hours to capture the hundreds photos needed to stitch this together. The shot was taken in Sounio, Greece. It got so cold at times that he had to use a hairdryer to keep the lens from fogging up. See the full post for more details!

[BTS Video] Stefan Ruiz Shoots 4x5 Portraits in the Streets of Mexico

Here's a behind the scenes video featuring editorial and advertising photographer Stefan Ruiz. He traveled to Monterrey, Mexico to document the "Cholombiano" youth street culture. Skip to about the ten minute mark to see the set up and capture. He shoots exclusively on 4x5 film, and is highly influenced by renaissance paintings.

[Video] Come Along For The Ride, Karl Grobl

This video features humanitarian photographer, Karl Grobl as he travels to Cambodia to shoot the Angkor Hospital for Children. In this episode of his new series titled, "Come Along For The Ride", he goes behind the scenes to describe his technique and thought process as he's working. Karl has shot for more than 85 different NGOs in over 50 countries.