[Gear] Vintage Nikon Fisheye Lens on Sale for $160,000

[Gear] Vintage Nikon Fisheye Lens on Sale for $160,000

Are you in the market for a fisheye? This one will only set you back $160,000. Nikon created this extreme wide angle lens back in 1970, for the Photokina trade show. It's the Nikkor 6mm f/2.8, and it has a 220º field of view. The lens weighs about 11 pounds, with a minimum focusing distance of 25cm. When it was first introduced, it was the widest lens available. They only made a few hundred of them, and it took  Gray's of Westmister six months to track one down. Kinda makes spending $1,600 on a lens seem like a great deal, right?

Here are a couple of sample images:

Via: HUH and SLR Lounge


From Amy Hobbs:

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Add in the read more link ;)

It broke the homepage!

 Yeah, I guess accidentally published it before I was finished!   Thanks!

Awesome article though! :)

Talk about being able to see behind!  

Not sure about the Photokina reference, but according to this source... "Nikon's 6mm fisheye lens was initially designed for an expedition to Antarctica. It featured a 220-degree field of view, designed to capture the entire sky and surrounding ground when pointed straight up." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fisheye_lens#Focal_length

would be interesting capturing video with that lens.

220 degrees!!!!! holy fisheye batman!

How long before I can buy an adapter for my iphone? (my attempt at sarcasm)

Whale eye.

 That's an f/5.6 Lens - Still expensive and Fisheye, but not the same as this one being shown :)

That one is an 8mm fisheye Alex.