Mark Seliger Has a New Discussion-Based Photography Show

This is the first episode of Mark Seliger's new show called Capture. He is filming the show in his studio in Manhattan. In this episode, Seliger sits down with Platon, staff photographer for The New Yorker known for his portraits of US Presidents and other important world figures. Actor Dylan McDermott also sits in on the conversation, discussing his photography work and inspiration.

This is Seliger's intro to the show - "I've had the rare opportunity to meet many amazing photographers who move through their different landscapes to create powerful images. I'm always inspired by how these images transform the way we see people and understand the world. A great photograph needs no explanation. But on Capture, these incredible people tell the story of creating their most memorable images."

Via: Feature Shoot

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Someone gave this insufferable prick his own show?  If you've ever been on set with this guy, you know what I mean.  

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 Why do you say this guy is a 'prick'?

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who is he?

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I thought the show was great. Just wish they get rid of the cameraman with the severe Parkinson shakes. Very annoying and distracting.

Phenomenal show. Great interviews. 

Very interesting to hear/see viewpoints of Paton and Dylan on photography (and life).
"The photographer is empowered with tools to record something poignant and meaningful" - Dylan.This makes me realize the importance of placing yourself in the flux/places/events where there is meaning on display.
We were reminded of the ability of photography to "Humanize" a subject/group/topic.

Also noteworthy sound bite: "Power is borrowed [or it's entrusted to you]... you can't keep it. - Paton.
(on the subject, I believe: "Power is taken and Respect is given - in reverse, either is worthless")
Should be an enjoyable series. There's a lot of philosophy here.

That's such a good episode, I don't know what  more you can say after this.