[Gear] The Staggering 3-Ton, 3.2 Gigapixel Camera

[Gear] The Staggering 3-Ton, 3.2 Gigapixel Camera

Imagine the storage you would need to shoot with a 3.2 billion pixel camera. With 189 image sensors, and weighing 3 tons - this will be the world's largest digital camera. It's called the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) and is being engineered by SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. The goal of the project is to “capture the widest, fastest and deepest view of the night sky ever observed." They are looking to the LSST to learn more about dark energy, dark matter, asteroids, "and many other areas of astronomy and fundamental physics." Each year, they will accumulate 6 million gigabytes of images, that's 30 terrabytes every night. Holy Cow.

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From Amy Hobbs:

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wow where they going to put all that data?

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psh the d800 aint shit now.

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I wonder if it has live view :)

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Huh. I hope it comes with a tripod mount, lol. 

hmm do you suppose they'll have support for the standard 1/4-20 or will i need the 3/8 adapter? ^^

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Great, I was just looking for a new pocket cam!

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Porn for gear heads.

Best on location camera ever! Fits directly into one's pocket and you can shoot tethered in lightroom 4! :D

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well that Canon of mine ain't a real Canon no more now, is it? 

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shoot jpeg XD

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D800 is shit before and always :)

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I'll get one of these as soon as I can fit it with a helmet-mount to replace my GoPro. Hope like heck it can handle 60FPS. #300kVideo

didnt someone tell them that its not about pixels anymore!? Sheesh..overachievers! LOL

Why no Leica?

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60fps at 720p?

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Pejwan..sundul gan

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Imagine how ridiculous this is going to look when DSLRs have that many megapixels in 20 years time.

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bits of dirt? dust specks on the sensors?

aw, come on...

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Yeah but 4x5 film still rules!

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is it full frame? :P

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I had one, made a Life-Sized map of the Earth, took lots of paper to print out. . . .

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What's the ISO limit? Do they have a kit for it yet?

Can I use my current lens with this?

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Does it come with any accessories? Leather case made from 10 cows?