Everybody Wants to be The Sartorialist

Who knew that street fashion photography was so trendy? Like many others, I really enjoy the work of The Sartorialist and have followed his blog for years now. But I never considered that his popularity would lead to this - streets filled with photographers trying to emulate his style. Of course, this video does take place in the midst of New York fashion week. So I'm not convinced that what these crowds are shooting can even be considered street photography. Aren't they more like paparazzi?

Earlier this summer, Kenn posted a great video of The Sartorialist in action. You'll see him taking portraits of strangers on the street, something that I would call real street photography.

Via: A Photo Editor

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Sweet Fong Dome?

awerllow's picture

Cool! Okay, now I know what not to do...

Jeremy Cupp's picture

Crazy stuff.

Ha ha...

Some would actually say the Sartorialist is not real Street Photography, as he is asking permission! I'm not quibbling, just that others would.

deymanuel.com's picture

street FASHION photography is very different from street photography.

Keith Hammond's picture

this is not street fashion photography, this is just papps at a fashion event

Joop van Roy's picture

Why do all these street togs (and fashion photographers in general, now that I think of it) do the odd, wrist-crunching under-grip when shooting portrait? Is it a fashion thing that I just will never understand as a badly dressed male?

Joop van Roy's picture

 I think it's just a subconscious thing that they don't even think about. Instead, McNally sets a good example with his grip btw http://youtu.be/EDsx3-FWfwk

Tom Yo's picture

Wtf is this this? How much did these creepers pay for this Pap 101 workshop?

Casey's picture

Pretty sure I spotted Bill Cunningham in the blue jacket and they didn't even talk to him. Which is funny because he's probably the only person there worth talking to