[Film] New and Improved Instant Film Made by Former Polaroid Employees

[Film] New and Improved Instant Film Made by Former Polaroid Employees

Ten of Polaroid's former employees have created a new and improved instant film for your Polaroid cameras. It is part of The Impossible Project.  Back in 2008, they purchased one of the last Polaroid factories in an effort to keep the art form alive. Two years later, they released their first films into the world. PX Cool is the latest Impossible film, released this Spring. This film develops faster and is supposed to be sharper and more consistent than Polaroid. The box even has a temperature sensitive reminder on the box that says "KEEP ME COOL." It disappears when the box is stored at the correct temperature.

Here's a little more about the project's history:

"In October 2008 The Impossible Project saved the last Polaroid production plant for integral instant film in Enschede (NL) and started to invent and produce totally new instant film materials for traditional Polaroid cameras. In 2010 Impossible saved analog instant photography from extinction by releasing various, brand new and unique instant films. Therewith Impossible prevents more than 300,000,000 perfectly functioning Polaroid cameras from becoming obsolete, changes the world of photography and keeps variety, tangibility and analogue creativity and possibilities alive."

Long live instant film!

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God I hope these people can make a cheapish film one day

I hope they get away with it, there is something fundamentally wrong with letting that technology die. 

and the price? .........

Hopefully the quality is better than their other films.

...Sold in packs of eight?  For $23.50?  If I had that kind of money...


polaroid film was always expensive, and still is. It WAS the only way to get instant photos.
But i'd much rather invest in today's technology of digital cameras, portable computers and printers,
I do not want to waste money for nostalgia or to pretend it's some kind of art form. It's expensive, the cost keeps going on  and limited in my view. PLUS, if you screw up shots, you have a pile of wasted garbage that takes up space in the real world.I'll stick with Digital photography. I do not need to hold every photograph i take, in my hands.
Also if i had used this film in place of the pics i took with my digital camera, which is at 189,000 shutter actuations, if i divide that by 8 polaroid shots per pack and times that by the current price of 23.49 per pack, i would have spent over $555,000.00 dollars for the pics i have done....

Polaroids are for people who can get it right the first time. 

Sadly, there are very few of those people with the advent of digital.

I think Polaroid pics are about enjoying the perfect imperfections in a moment, not the other way around. Wouldn't that make more sense?