Product Photography In The Garage, Capture One Has You Covered

Product Photography In The Garage, Capture One Has You Covered

Hey guys, Paul here. Today is a busy day of packing for me. I'm shooting 41 shows for New York Fashion week and my plane leaves bright and early. I will share my experience with all of you as soon as I get back. For now, I wanted to share a quick down and dirty solution to shooting product shots, or any subject for that matter, especially when you have the client present in the studio... or garage in my case.


Phase One Capture One is my number one choice for RAW capture. It's very stable and I haven't had any connection or buffer issues with the camera at all.  The colors are amazing and it's filled with so many features that at first may seem overwhelming but once you get the hang of it, it's a breeze. As you'll see in the video ( I apologize in advance for the iPhone capture) I have my Canon 5D MarkII hooked up to my MacBook Pro running Capture One. I also have an iPad hooked up which is receiving the WiFi signal and displaying images as they are shot. The beauty of this is that you can hold onto your iPad and walk around your set slightly adjusting your products without having to go back to the camera every time to fire the shot. This saves me lots of time and frustration. Hope you enjoy the video. I'll check back in from New York in a couple of days!


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That is a pretty cool set-up and I love the product shot too.

Pretty cool setup, I've actually had a chance to use that software during a shoot and it works great.  FYI, goto your custom settings on your 580ex II and set it to never power off...

You think they'd come out with Capture Two by now.

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Stable! Hah! I don't think I've ever used a more unstable software in my life... Superb color though.

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How do you get 41 shows I cant even get one lol

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and again why this even exists... not everyone uses iWhatever... for android users you dont even have to have computer plugged there is this great thing and others too

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I prefer to work with Canon Utility therefore the options for focus, iso, f and speed of the camera. After the shoot I make sure raw workflow in Capture One which is very stable program apart from the frustration with mac os 10.7 for several months.

Can you tell me what lens you use, Thanks.

You apologise for shooting the video with an iPhone. No need. However it would be nice if the next time you shoot a video you held the camera horizontally.