[Video] "The Camera": Modest Gear, $50 and an Inspired Mind

"The Camera" is a haunting short film by Peter Lewis about a girl who finds an old polaroid camera that produces some unique and unexpected results. Using modest equipment: Canon Rebel T2i, Canon 50mm f/1.4, Tamron 28-200mm f/3.8-5.6 and a $50 budget, Peter knocked this film out while on vacation in Nags Head, North Carolina. Even more impressive is that this is Peter's first film and he produced the entire thing himself including, filming, sound, the musical score and post production. Well done!

via [PetaPixel]

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Loved it..

:30 looks like it was stabilized. Wonder how he did it since he doesn't list any stabilizers in his equipment list.

When she runs on the beach there are some clear signs of digital image stabilisation in post.

I guess that's easily possible for a short clip...not everything needs a tool to accomplish, right?

Simple... I loved it!


Fabulous. Good twist.

She was the most relaxed house burglar I've ever seen. Really does show what you can do with minimal equipment though.

What kind of audio equipment is used?

Hi Ben, it was actually shot without audio equipment—it was all added in later with a mixture of modifed Logic Pro 9 sound effects and custom foley. 

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beautiful and moving! i usually expect tp see mostly technical skill on this website.


i would begin to talk about realism, that a barefoot girl, strolls and opens up the door of a house, starts wanders in, finds a polaroid takes it and moves on, but hey, its fiction!

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Is that the killer? In the polaroid?

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This was as described, quite haunting... I am curious to find out more about the dedication, who was Emily... what is her story?

Too bad some of the shots were soft... some of the cuts were a bit jarring but overall it was pretty good. I was wondering why the dop chose to go handheld on the shot of her going up the stairs since the first part of it was pretty steady, but then the ghost thing brought it all together in the end. I'm surprised she wasn't creeped out after the first photo, I would have ran asap.