[Video] A Comprehensive Look at Working with Models

Mark Wallace hits us with a video full of tips and etiquette when it comes to working with models. This video covers a lot of ground so if you have limited experience with shooting models give it a peek. Be sure to watch all the way to the end of the video to catch Mark's "Stand this way and twist this way and move this way and shot shot." Trust me, at 12:47 it will make sense to you. Or it won't. :/

via [iso1200] [PetaPixel]
From Kenn:
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Some great tips here!

PS: The ending is awesome :-)

James's picture

This video is actually put me off from
shooting models ... 

Sean Shimmel's picture

Even  in instruction... in a visual world, we want... visuals.

This video was not about the final images - this was a video showing how to interact with models and what practicalities you need to think of - Marc did that.

Sean Shimmel's picture

Understood. Thank you Adam.

Sean  :)

I feel as though he over-complicated a few of the steps trying to be as clear as possible. But otherwise I feel like I have the same workflow as him, and agree  for the most part with his instruction.

That was pretty boring. The end was better than most of the "content"
Dont over think shooting a model. The more you try and think, the less natural the shoot will be and the less comfortable the model will be. create a great experience and the model will be happy. simple. done.

People approach such things on different levels. Some might not have the same people skills you have, and therefore need some specific guidelines. I consider myself a pretty easy guy to be around, but I've been at a point where I didn't have music during my shoots, didn't show the photos to the model, and didn't go through the wardrobe with them before hand. In my point of view, this is a very good introduction to working with models, for those who are new to it.

Those who can't, teach

You stole that line from Glee, didn't you?

If i was 16 with my head inside my ass, maybe..  I believe Bernard Shaw penned that phrase or something close to it in 1903.


Great Vid Mark, very informative, and very well presented. I certainly got some good info here. 
The end was pretty cool too.

Rly nice video, but end is awesome (=

In agreement with making sure you show the model what you've shot so she/he can get a sense of how the shots are coming out and whether you're capturing essentially what they want.  However, important to note-  If you're shooting tethered,  never let them see the monitor while you're shooting. (especially when shooting to a larger monitor ie: 27" iMac).  This is distracting to the model as they're constantly looking at the shots as they come up and can start to get critical and self conscious.  This is just my personal experience.  You get a model looking at the shots popping up and they want to go inspect every one. This breaks the rhythm of the shoot and makes it hard to work.  Not to mention,  half the time, they don't really know what to look for and are only concerned only with "how they look" as opposed to overall what we are trying to get right as photographers such as lighting, composition, focus, exposure.   Best to let them see a few shots in between here and there.  

This is Mark's style/method of doing his shoots. Those that don't agree with it you can do it your way and incorporate some things that he says. If you don't know mark he is very detailed in his work every little step of the process is covered, i guess that's too much for some of you