[Video] Filming 3 TV spots in one day (in Russian)

Greetings Comrads, I hope you've brushed up on your Russian because today we take a little journey via the world wide web to motherland Russia. We'll be watching a BTS video from PP Productions as they shoot three 30-second TV spots for Elitech Tools. It's a pretty big production that goes into the making of spots like these, especially when your doing 3 in one day.

Although I can't understand what they are saying, you get an insight into their shoot, their lighting, compositing, & even editing/grading. If you pause the video and take the time to deconstruct their lighting it's quite interesting and dynamic. They're massive Fluorescent-backed 12x12 scrims are something I've never seen before and make quite a nice soft light. They accomplish quite a bit with such a small crew, a single Arri Alexa, and probably a single 3-Ton grip truck. Check out the BTS and 3 final videos below.

    Behind the Scenes

    Final Ad - Chainsaw

    Final Ad - Cultivator

    Final Ad - Generator

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Cool guys!
Russian - the best!

These vids are awesome. It really does teach you a lot!

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in russia.... bts videos you!