The Wednesday Rundown 10.19.11

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week We have a wide assortment of videos, from Kid photography to some architectural work. Take some time to check out how these photographers pulled off their shoots. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Children Photography:

Christy Martin shoots a family on location and show us her tricks and skills with the kids. She does interact some to get the photos but it is a cool photo journalistic approach to family photos. We really do have our best memories happen with in the walls of our homes; a good thing to think about when choosing a location for a shoot.

Christy Martin Photography: Behind the Scenes! from Christy Martin on Vimeo.

Down on the River:

Chris Conti takes us down to the river for a kayak and paddle board shoot. He uses a paddle boat as a remote lighting rig for his speedlight. I do love the shots at water level with the boats.

Chris Conti - BTS @ CRCK from Ethan Siegel on Vimeo.

Architecture Photography:

What happens at an architectural shoot? Lighting is a big part of shaping a building. Watch as Antonio and his team light up this New Hampton building. You can see the lights going on at the end of the video before his final shot.

Historical Fiction Shoot:

A historical shoot put together by a great group of hairstylist, designers, and the photographer Brandon Hill. His details shots really show off how well the group brought this model back in time.

Historical Fiction Photography from Brandon Hill on Vimeo.

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Stephen Reasonover's picture

Best part of Wednesdays!

Cool Stuff! I enjoyed watching Christy Martin's video. Good tips. : )

Tor olaf's picture

should be everyday rundown.. love these wesnesdays..

Huge fan of the Wednesday Rundown. Even though I have a video background, these articles are facinating. Keep up the good work guys!