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5 Poses of a Wedding Couple That You Should Never Miss

Whatever your style of wedding photography, be it classic, reportage, or leaning towards fine art, here are five poses from the bride and groom that will give you a solid foundation from which to work. This short video runs you through the list and offers some tips on how to achieve them.

John Branch IV is a wedding photographer with a huge amount of experience and has put together his thoughts on what these fives posed shots should be. As Branch mentions, photographers rarely have a lot of time with the couple so efficiency is key. Having a plan will help to ensure that you don’t miss these critical shots and while there are plenty of other setups to mix in, nailing these five will act as a base and put you at ease before you start to improvise.

Those new to wedding photography should note that your relationship with the couple can have a huge bearing on how they behave in front of the lens. Many photographers find that they’re as much a support crew as they are a provider of images, if simply because they’re one of the few people at a wedding that knows what’s supposed to happen next.

What would you add to Branch’s list? Let us know in the comments below.

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Jan Holler's picture

This is more like an advertisement for jewellery and wristwatches (7:43). Bad taste, bad posing, bland light. "Nice wide full body shot" at 7:12. A failure in every respect except exposure and sharpness.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Great tips, explanations, and examples.

Smh, I can't help notice folks on here with disparaging comments against the articles/videos usually have shitty snapshots in their portfolio. Why is that?