Fstoppers Wedding Photography Tutorial Is 50% Off For The Next 48 Hours

For 10 years now, Patrick Hall and I have been professional wedding photographers. We worked for over a year to film "How To Become A Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer," a video tutorial that covers everything we know about the wedding photography industry. For the next two days it's 50% off with code "SAVE150". 

This tutorial is 14 hours in length and covers all aspects of running a wedding photography business. It's a digital download which means that you can start watching it immediately. All of the video files are also completely unlocked so you are able to watch them on a laptop, smart phone, iPad, computer, or TV. 


Chapter 1
Intro - What is “Commercial Wedding Photography” - Mandatory Gear - The Importance of Assisting - Composition, Exposure, White Balance
Chapter 2
Advertising - Bridal Portraits: Lighting 101 - Pricing
Chapter 3
Meeting With Potential Clients -The Engagement Session - Designing Your Website - Music - Slideshows - The Importance of Video
Chapter 4
On Camera Flash - Getting Ready and Details - The Ceremony - Fusion
Chapter 5
Formals and Groups - Interview with Pye Jirsa
Chapter 6
Four Ways to Light a Reception - The Cake - The Rings - The Departure - Taxes, Write-offs, and Accounting
Chapter 7
Interview with Cliff Mautner, one of the top wedding photographers in the world
Chapter 8
Post Processing - Creating a Photobooth - Photo / Video Slideshow, SmugMug.com - Delivering Your Final Product - Final Words


Check out two excerpts from the tutorial below

How We Light Family Posed Pictures Indoors


​How We Photograph Our Engagement Sessions



You can learn more about the tutorial here. If you'd like to save 50% use the code "SAVE150" at checkout. This post will disappear in 48 hours and the code will become inactive. 



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I am not sure if this tutorial is still up to date since it has been released quite some time ago and time flies.
Can anyone give advice in this regard?

Paul Lijewski's picture

What do you mean specifically by "up to date"?

In my opinion especially the technical aspects of photography change very quickly nowadays. Take the widespread availability for HSS and TTL in portable monolights with lots of power by several manufacturers for example, that did not really exist 4-5 years ago.

Also, there are probably trends in wedding photography, too.
I don't know if that is relevant in regard to this tutorial, but it just might be.

Patrick Hall's picture

I would say 90% of the content is up to date. When we filmed it, there was definitely TTL and HSS but we actually prefer manual mode in strobes for consistent lighting (it makes batch editing way easier too). Lee and I aren't big HSS users since we try to avoid shooting in harsh mid day sun if we can help it so that is not covered.

We tried to cover every part of the wedding from the getting ready shots to the ceremony, the family formals, the wedding party, the single bride and groom shots, the cake, the rings, details, shooting the reception and how to light it 4 different ways, the departure....basically every single image we have to photograph at every single wedding day in and day out. There is also a bunch of other business stuff like advertising, taxes, meeting with clients that does change over time but it is all still useful if you aren't doing any of it currently.

Is this deal still on? can we turn it back on again?