President Obama Greets Couple before Wedding Ceremony

President Obama Greets Couple before Wedding Ceremony

Could you ever imagine shooting a wedding and having the President of the United States make an appearance? Yeah, me neither, but that’s exactly what happened to The Youngrens.

The Youngrens are a wedding photographer duo based out of San Diego, Calif. They set out to shoot their wedding like any other, yet knew there could be some setbacks because the President was staying nearby. Shortly after beginning wedding coverage, they were informed the POTUS would be playing a round of golf at Torrey Pines where the wedding was being held. Merely hoping to catch a glimpse of Obama at some point, they were pleasantly surprised that he was finishing up his 18th hole just before the ceremony was scheduled to start.

They were not allowed out on the balcony as he finished, but watched, pressed against the room windows instead. The couple, Brian and Stephanie, rushed outside once permitted as Erin Youngren pleaded with the secret service to get a photo of the couple with the president. The president did in fact take time to meet the couple before he departed.

I’m not sure I’d be able to focus on the rest of the day after an event like that. The Youngrens showed quick thinking to take full advantage to the amazing opportunity. See the full set on Photography by The Youngrens' website.

I think her face says it all!

Images used with permission via The Youngrens.

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Elias Hardt's picture

Thanks, Obama.

Thomas Hansen's picture

All this question of Pete Souza's equipment, hes right there in that picture. I can't make out the brand, looks like Canon though.

Kyle Ford's picture

Pretty sure it's dual Markiiis

Mitchell Milner's picture

Here's the video for the event- Shot by yours truly for SJ Videography.

Dana Goldstein's picture

I'd be more stoked to meet Souza. :)

michael buehrle's picture

who wears a football jersey to a wedding ?