Wedding Photographer Denounced for Using 'Disgusting' Gay Couple in Advert

Wedding Photographer Denounced for Using 'Disgusting' Gay Couple in Advert

A Kentucky wedding photographer who used an image of a gay couple in an advert has been told that her inclusive business is disgusting and that she needs to rethink her values.

Lacy Hilliard runs Wandering Elm Photography in Somerset, Kentucky and recently ran a small advert in her local Money Saver magazine featuring six photographs of couples, one of which was gay. On Saturday, Hilliard received a voicemail on her phone from someone who had seen the advert and felt compelled to get in touch.

“You really need to rethink your values,” the caller explains. “This is Kentucky. This isn’t San Francisco. It isn’t L.A. It’s not New York.” The caller also describes the advert as "disgusting" and “an abomination.”

Hilliard felt that it was important to use the call as a means of fighting prejudice and promoting inclusivity. Using the hashtag #LoveWins, Hilliard checked with the featured couple and then shared it through her Facebook business page.

Speaking to LEX18, she explained that “All people are welcomed at my studio regardless of race, color, sexual orientation.”

Thanks to the publicity, the caller’s objections seem to have inadvertently promoted both the business and inclusivity, with the message turned from one of bigotry into one of openness and positivity.

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Matt Owen's picture

I probably would, though I would explain that it's because they wouldn't get the results they expect due to my discomfort, and someone else would provide much higher quality images.

Say no to money? If you can afford what I'll charge, I'll shoot whatever. And that is my solution to working with people, or on projects that I, for whatever reason, don't really want to. I charge a LOT of money. If you can afford that, I can deal with whatever it is.

Rob Davis's picture

If they’ve got money I’ll shoot it.

Ken Flanagan's picture

It's complicated. I am a conservative, Christian, white male. I also photographed my sister-in-laws gay wedding. The term marriage is complicated today because it is wrapped in a shroud of a legal process. In that respect, I believe in Gay marriage as I do not believe the government should oversight into the personal lives of its citizens. The complication for most Christians that I know is that they confuse biblical marriage with legal marriage. I love my sister-in-law and her wife who are both a large part of my family. No, we don't see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, but we take care of each other, are respectful of each other, and treat each other with love.

Tony Clark's picture

Yes, it is complicated. People fail to see the difference between Old Testament roles of men and women and New Testament statements of "love one another". I have a family member that hasn't come out and I don't think of them any differently because of it.

Leon Kolenda's picture

Well, Sorry, But I agree 1000% with this woman caller!! Why, Because I have the right! Don't get me wrong here, I never hate anyone, maybe dislike, but not hate. I have a few Gay friends, but they Know exactly how I feel and where I stand. Greece Fell, Rome Fell, Sodom & Gomorrah Fell, the same will happen here unless it starts to subside. It's simple, it's Adam & Eve, Not Adam & Steve! I would never ever shoot anything that would contribute to homosexuality, Not any amount!

That's so silly. God created Adam, Eve, and Steve. They just didn't pop up out of nowhere. If you actually read the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, you'd be shocked that it advocates allowing your daughters to be raped and that incest is okay, as long as you're drunk.

I don't think the Bible is "reporting" events, as it is used as a model for behavior by a large number of people. It's advocating it.

Leon - you have your right to your opinion but my opinion is that yours is unamerican. In this country were free to live our lives as we see fit, your opinion shouldn't define their rights.

Leon Kolenda's picture

It is my religious belief to pray for Homosexual sinners, not hinder them, and I believe that your opinion is not correct, about being UnAmerican, This country was founded on the Jewdain Christian principle of Freedom of Religion for a reason! That's all I have to say, Good Luck with your life choice! I've made my point, so I would like to see better articles other than controversial ones like this Click-Bait Trap That I got caught in.

You are plenty old enough to take responsibility for the articles you read, the ones you engage with, and continue to reply to. I think it's very disingenuous for you to pretend otherwise. Also the founders did in fact enshrine your freedom of religion, but the moment your religion begins to encroach on another's rights you cease to appreciate the spirit of the document. We also have the freedom from religion which is precisely why in our constitution it says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion".

As a Christian I'm sure you don't condone selling your daughter into slavery, or ending the lives of those who decide to wear blended fabrics either even if Christian law would dictate you do just that. I've never seen Christian's protesting outside of a red lobster even if shellfish are brazenly served defying the list of clean animals.

Put simply you are not a victim of this article's bait, the article didn't require you to argue with it, the country isn't worse for people being allowed to live their lives as they see fit, and your faith shouldn't hinder their rights. Enjoy your president's day.

If Old Testament laws don't apply to Christians, then why are they more interested in rules against homosexuality, which are in the Old Testament, than they care about the laws of Jesus.

I don't take the commentary from Paul as more than just his opinions. He never met or talked to Jesus. He was an Old Testament Jew.

Robbie Keene's picture

Come to Canada. We don't care who you marry. Just be polite and you'll fit right in.

LA M's picture

I'm a transplant from the USA....and that is just not true. The same thing happens here all the time.

anya-adora's picture

I'm LGBT and i'm fairly certain there are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Kentucky. Whomever the person was leaving the bigoted voicemail was needs to get out more often and open their eyes when they do. We're a diverse Nation whether anyone is happy with it or not and everyone deserves to be treated equally regardless of faith, gender, orientation, etc.