The Wednesday Rundown 10.13.10

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. I have been trying to figure out how many photographers I was going to have to get together to rent some studio space in NYC. A couple days ago we posted a write up on Well I signed up with the free code posted on fstoppers the other day and found some dirt cheap studio space. In fact I found one place in Brooklyn for $130 a day! So watch some videos and get some ideas then go find some cheap space to shoot.

Copenhagen Strobist Meetup:

Check out this strobist shoot with some really cool scenery. The group has some nice final images at the end.

Beach Pinups:

A very nice video giving us the details to a beach pinup shoot. The photographer does a great job explaining his lighting.

Fall Photo Shoot:

This photographer does great videos all around. This video is a shoot on a farm in the fall. Perfect to get me ready for the color change coming up this month.

Studio Shoot:

A dark and sexier studio shoot. The photographer has some nice quick verbal instructions with the model during scenes in the video.

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