The Wednesday Rundown 11.03.10

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week I ran across a pretty cool tool for photographers on the go. I have heard of the possiblity of having a model release on your Iphone, however I never gave it a shot. This week I did some research and downloaded one of the apps. Here is a blog post about two of the apps. . I ended up downloading iRelease-Lite, it is free so no complaints and pretty cool so far. If you search model release on the app store you can find these apps. Anyone have one of these apps for another smart phone? We also have some Halloween shoots in the line up.

Podcast / Audio file:

Grabbed another audio file to listen in the old cubical or the car. This one discusses shooting in public places and using model releases. /

Wet Seal Halloween Shoot:

A shoot for Wet Seals costumes, including the makeup and hair work.

Halloween Costume shoot:

This shoot takes us through a ton of costumes and back drops.

Ghost Town Shoot:

A shoot done with a ghost town looking back drop.

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The first two videos can't be seen due to country restrictions or content violations.

disapointed that neiither wet seal or forplay photos made it to their websites. As etail sites, everything was close cropped anyway.

Hi guys.

Just to add some app that has been in the market for a while and is pretty much the same thing. " Photographer's Contract Maker"