The Wednesday Rundown 11.10.10

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Sorry for the delay in the post this morning. Last night I got the chance to see some of the best lighting I have ever seen. I went and saw the opening of the Radio City Rockettes. The light and venue blew me away before the girls even made it on stage. It is insane how much lighting really affects our eyes and images. Lighting, natural or strobed, it is what makes our photos. Check out the videos we have

Beautiful Bridal Shoot:

This is a great video and images done for a bridal catalog. This is a must to check out.

Superhero Themed Shoot:

I enjoyed this video because you get the chance to see the models view on photography, and the reason they areĀ pursuingĀ modeling / dancing.

Album Photoshoot:

A photo shoot for an upcoming album. Love the images that come out when the photographer is shooting into the natural light.

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where is teh continuity guy when you need her. The gown in the stills is not the gown in the BTS.