The Wednesday Rundown 2.1.12

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Another week of videos created for our yearly contest and great videos to learn from keep popping up. Glenn shows us a very detailed behind the scenes shoot of a recent magazine shoot. See his light setup to get these photos. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Editorial Shoot:

Glenn shows us how he shot an editorial shoot for the publishing company he works for. He discusses the issues that came about with the shoot and how he overcame them. Glenn does a great job showing how the lighting was setup in the shots. This is a very well put together BTS video.

A typical editorial shoot in the Philippines - 2011 FStoppers BTS Contest entry from Glenn Orion on Vimeo.

Laketop Lady:

Daniel makes his creative imagination come to life with this lady walking on water. With a simple platform this model floats. Check out his lighting diagram in the video if you want to know how to light with a simple umbrella and still have a gorgeous sky.

Laketop Lady - Editorial BTS from Daniel Sone on Vimeo.

Project 180:

Dia shows us his approach to taking 180 portraits. In face he did it so well he ended up with 241. Check out his forum post to see even more of his photos.

Proyecto 180 (dia de muertos) from Enrique Portillo on Vimeo.

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icie's picture

Great work by Glenn! Goes to show you can use cheap equipment (note all the YongNuo and nary a PocketWizard in sight) and as long as your methodology and attitude are solid, you can get fantastic results.

Phillip Simmons's picture

Standing and applauding Glen, fantastic work!

Agreed. Awesome job Glenn, and thanks for the great tips. Get some rest!

Glenn's video is one of the most informative and useful BTS videos I've seen yet.  Great job!

Thanks for the kind words, guys! And to Jerrit and of course FStoppers for this opportunity :) Will definitely be back for this year's contest!